MESH New computer freezes randomly

  nozzi 18:48 20 Mar 2005

Can anyone diagnose the problem with my new Mesh Matrix M3200+64 computer. I bought it at the end of January 2005
I'm using XP Professional. When online using BTopenworld connection a harsh screeching noise appears randomly and the screen freezes and goes blank. I then have to reboot. This can happen several times a day. Also the themes for XP cannot be changed without the screen going grey and freezing, then I have to reboot again. Outlook express keeps shutting down as well.
The hard drive is going back to Mesh for the third time. They can find no problem.
It's not a monitor problem as Viewsonic kindly and swiftly replaced the original monitor.
It's not a broadband problem, as Mesh suggested, as I've been running my old computer on BT for 3 years
I hope I have given enough information and I'd really appreciate any suggestions that I can pass on to Mesh as I'm now getting really stressed dealing with their customer services

  jimv7 19:02 20 Mar 2005

Sounds like a faulty fan running intermittantly and the motherboard or cpu is overheating.

  961 19:26 20 Mar 2005

Let me be quite blunt

e-mail Davey at Mesh and ask him to get the computer picked up and examined advising that if it has any difficulties on return you will ask for a full refund

It really is not up to you to try to diagnose harsh screetching noises on a new computer

In the meantime, if you paid by credit card, advise the credit card company that you are not happy with the computer and that you reserve your rights to claim under s75 of the consumer credit act

If you read through threads on this forum you will see that if it don't work out of the box you really are better giving them one chance to fix it and if they don't get your money back and buy another from somewhere else.

  stalion 19:27 20 Mar 2005

you seem to have had enough problems already with this new pc have a read
click here

  nozzi 20:16 20 Mar 2005

thanks JMV
961 you can be very blunt All your suggestions I have tried, and after reading the other threads as you suggested, it makes me very concerned
It's going back this week for the third time.
I've contacted Visa and Trading standards but the problem is Mesh are saying that they have test run the hard drive for long periods and they can find no fault at all. I only have to have it back a day and the problem starts again. Then Ihave to go through the customer service/technical merry go round again
Thanks for the link Stallion

  MESH Support 09:12 21 Mar 2005

I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Mesh PC.

If possible, I'd like to take a look at the history of your system and the work carried out but to do that I'll need your details.

Please email me your serial/order number along with your screen name (nozzi) to [email protected]

I should then be able to get back to you with decisive action to resolve your problem.


Mesh Support

  MESH Support 09:34 21 Mar 2005

I now have your details and can see this third time the system is coming back is for a refund. I will keep a lookout for the systems return and help where I can to speed the process up for you.


Mesh Support

  citadel 11:04 21 Mar 2005

I had a freezing problem,it turned out to be a faulty power supply unit.

  nozzi 13:48 21 Mar 2005

Dear Davey
Thank you for your reply on PC advisor.
I have not been told that I'm to get a full refund I was told that the complete system was going back for repair yet again
Can you please verify this As after having 6 days off work for delivery and collection I would like a full refund
I am at present waiting for 2 return labels from your company
Is it possible to have this offer in writing and a timescale as to when I can expect a refund to my Visa card
Thank you for your reply

  nozzi 13:49 21 Mar 2005

Thank you for your reply citadel

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