Mesh Matrix & support, both very poor, help please

  grumpy-git 00:29 13 Sep 2004

I have a 2 month old Mesh Matrix 64 3000FX. It seems to crash now on a daily basis, even doing simple tasks like copying files from dvd to a hard drive. If you think you know the answer to my problems, skip through my moans & groans and just " make me happy", please?

2 weeks ago it crashed - Windows/system32/config/system missing or corrupt. Support did not impress me one bit in their attempts to try & fix the problem, and their e-mail responses are slow.

The in-built recovery procedures failed and a fresh installation of Windows was required, and I lost all my data off the c drive. Fortunately I keep backups of most of the data on the d drive, but as the software and data were being installed "carefully" to have a well organised and problem free machine, it was still in the setup stages and not in regular use, so a full backup routine had not been started.

In theory it is now a fully working machine again, Windows re-installed, Service Pack 1 installed, but very little else, and certainly no extra peripherals. So why does it keep crashing? Since the Windows reload it has not been connected to the internet, and as the c drive was formatted it should be virus free.

Also today it has refused to hibernate, that never was a problem before, it just says "preparing to hibernate", then the message disappears & the machine continues to run. Before the big "fatal" Windows crash 2 weeks ago, it sometimes crashed coming out of hibernation, so I don't think it has ever been a healthy machine.

There are other issues not to do with the machine problems, such as a missing connector for the "tv out" socket (which I have still not received) and drivers such as those for the motherboard not supplied with the pc, also I had to find my own Service Pack 1, as that is not included with the supplied software.

I have had to make at least 6 calls to the pound a minute support line, costing about 30 quid so far, and that is a rip off as I wasn't even given correct information and told to look for disk drivers on the internet. Getting real help from Mesh is as difficult as trying to get blood from a stone. Perhaps the pound a minute support line is another way to make a quick buck out of the poor punters.

Over the past week I have written snail-mail to the "managing director", that was the person I asked the name of - but got no reply. Then I wrote to the general manager, asking for him to ring me, he didn't ring, but apparently has referred my problem to technical, perhaps coming from him it might have more weight. I mean - who am, I just a customer!! I was told over a week ago somebody from technical would ring me in response to my e-mails, but they haven't.

So, there you go, a sad pc with a sad owner. I will update this topic if & when technical ever ring me, and let you all know the outcome. Remember, a message from "Davey" (if I get one) asking me to contact Mesh does not mean the problem is solved!!!

  grumpy-git 07:52 13 Sep 2004

Followed your suggestion & posted in the other Forum - thanks.

Only mesh can make amends for their shoddy service & machine, but if anybody else has any ideas - let me know, you will possibly answer sooner & more reliably than Mesh

  rawprawn 08:32 13 Sep 2004

[email protected] email this address, they are always watching this forum. The contact's name is Davey. (Type Mesh into the search facility on the left and see what comes up)

  grumpy-git 00:39 17 Sep 2004

Things are moving nicely at the moment, after moving the topic to ConsumerWatch Forum "Davey" got involved, and the pc has gone back to Mesh for investigation. Can't say fairer than that at the moment.


  grumpy-git 01:06 17 Sep 2004

stalion, I don't care, just as long as it works, that's all that matters.

Don't think I will ever get the same satisfaction from it as I would have done if it had worked perfectly first time though. When you've spent literally days loading in 50,000+ images and organising them just how you want them, then have to copy them all again before sending the pc back - it becomes a chore. Never had the pc long enough to network it, thank goodness for dvd-rw's otherwise I would still be loading in cd-rw's.


  grumpy-git 23:36 21 Oct 2004


Sorry I did not reply before, but I was "keeping quiet" while I let Mesh carry on with solving the problems. It went back to Mesh for repair, and they led me to believe it was a memory problem. Trouble was it still wasn't right when I got it back, and an engineer was sent out to, yes, you guessed it - replace the memory (again?)

Now I am waiting for it to be collected & replaced.

If I ever get a working pc from Mesh and it develops further faults, I'll come to you first, you'll probably diagnose the problem for me before Mesh does!!


  [email protected] 13:45 22 Oct 2004

Don't shoot the guy who brings bad news bud. I can understand your discontent but slagging the supplier on the internet is a bit of a negative approach and will do little to speed things up.
;-) My Mesh has given trouble free service for 18months and the one occasion I asked a question of Support it was dealt with quickly and courtiously. [It was not a PC problem]. Just as you wouldnt, I would go to them again :-). My advice is to let Mesh try to resolve your problems which I am certain they want to do; it may even happen sooner if you remain within the proper channels of redress!

  grumpy-git 16:49 22 Oct 2004

Yes, fully understand what you are saying, but I was banging my head against the wall with Mesh trying to use their 24-7 e-mail support with something like an average 2-day response time for their replies. Then I used the telephone help line and almost fell asleep many times listening to "your call is important to us". When they ran out of suggestions I was directed to the pound-a-minute line, and clocked up about 30 minutes on that (that really hit me in the pocket, but I have been promised a refund as it was diagnosed as a hardware fault and not software)

You get to that stage & wonder what do you do next, try the Internet - I did and was directed here.

If you check the dates of my messages you will see I stopped posting once a repair was under way, and kept quiet for over 5 weeks, giving Mesh ample time to put things right. I would rather have come back saying "all fixed, working well & a satisfied customer"

Next time when you buy a Mesh pc, if it doesn't work properly during the first 3 or 4 months you have it, will you keep quiet about it, I wonder?

I would have bought another Multivision pc, as mine worked well & I had no problems with their support. But you know what happened to them. They probably had their fair share of dis-satisfied customers as well.

You can come & take my place for a while if you like - been sitting at home all day waiting for the pc to be collected, (after they failed to collect it Tuesday afternoon) it is now 4.45 & looks like another day wasted.

Glad to hear your comments though!


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