Mesh Matrix 3000 and Windows XP sp2

  Eileanbeag 19:43 04 Mar 2005

My friend has a Mesh Matrix 3000 and has had great problems installing Windows SP SP2. When she contacted Mesh she was emailed the following:
A high number of problems have been found with the installation of Service Pack 2 on Windows XP PC's (both Mesh and non-Mesh are affected alike). We strongly recommend that unless there is a feature within the new service pack that you absolutely *MUST* have, that you do not install this update at this time.

For support on this you will need to contact our software support line on 0905 235 6600. Please note that this line is charged at £1 per min and that you are being referred to this line as our warranty does not cover software support. Please ensure that you have access to an email address you can obtain any fix information from prior to calling.
Surely they must take some responsibility for this problem without charging her a fortune in phonecalls?

  TomJerry 20:39 04 Mar 2005

mainly some Mesh PCs have this problem, many happy sp2 installer here without any problem

are there any support email address? maybe better to email for a fix

some reading list for you click here

quote from above "If you have:
1. a MESH computer; or,
2. an ASUS mb; or,
3. an ATI video card; or,
4. an AMD 64 processor"

you should probably be VERY careful about installing SP2. Read the following forum:

click here

  Eileanbeag 23:03 04 Mar 2005

No support emails. So there is little that can be done but hope that there will be no problems caused by not installing sp2. Are Mesh not at all responsible?

  trainee-vic 22:06 05 Mar 2005

There is a download patch and instructions about how to install SP2 on the mesh website. SP2 loaded with no problemfpr me.

  shizzy 22:14 05 Mar 2005

I thought that it was the duty of Mesh to support their OEM version of Windows. We were told by Microsoft to contact Evesham when we had a query.

  Eileanbeag 23:33 05 Mar 2005

Thank you - will tell my friend to look to Mesh website

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