MESH Matrix 2400 Factory Restore

  PaulB2005 19:40 16 Nov 2005

Trying to restore a MESH system back to the factory settings and having a few problems.

Tried the F10 at boot up option and it gives three options. The front menu says you can reset it back to factory settings but when you go into the option it says it'll replace Windows system files and leave user files.

Now I've found this - click here.

I've got as far as the second screen but knowing this has a hidden partition is this the correct way? The PC is a Matrix 2400.

I've done this loads of times with proper Windows CDs but why the F10 Recovery options?

Can i ignore the bit about Repair and delete the main C Drive partition and reinstall Windows as you would normally? Or will this render the PC useless?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:13 16 Nov 2005

Can i ignore the bit about Repair and delete the main C Drive partition and reinstall Windows as you would normally? Or will this render the PC useless?

In this case the PC has a copy of XP in the hidden partion and will run setup from there rather than an XP CD.

If you do a REPAIR it will leave user fles.
If you do a format C: and do a new install it will lose all user files.

If you delete the partion you may also lose the recovery partition and therefore your copy of XP., and have nothing to instal from.

  Zak 20:27 16 Nov 2005

First of all have you backed up the folder Drivers? This is essential if you end up reformatting and installing Win XP from recovery disk. This folder not only has the MOBO drivers etc but also installation files for the bundled software.

F10 will restore factory settings and wipe personal data, so again a backup is required.

Procedure for F10 process is in your Customer Support Manual. As I understand it you do not use the recovery disk.

The hidden partition hold alll the data to perform the F10 reset to factory settings.

If you format the C drive then the hidden partion will be wiped and F10 option will no longer work.

Win XP can be reinstalled as normmal from recovery disk but you will need the drivers etc from the Drivers folder.

I hope this helps.

  PaulB2005 20:43 16 Nov 2005

I've got the drivers and i've goteverything backed up. I'm going to do the F10 again to tell you what happens because this is where i'm getting lost and i don't want to mess up someones PC because Mesh's description of what is about to happen doesn't what is actually going to happen.

I want to get the PC back to Factory Settings (i.e. how it cam on the day the owner bought it)

Back in 5...

  woodchip 20:49 16 Nov 2005

The first option is the one to try first this should Repair your system, but you will have to download MS updates

  PaulB2005 20:52 16 Nov 2005

No CD in drive.

Pressed F10 and gone into Windows XP Pre-installation Environment.

"Welcome to Mesh Computers PLC System Recovery Wizard"

It states i can:
1) Run the Windows XP native recovery tool
2) Recover damaged operating system or application files
3) Restore the computer to a factory state.

I want to do 3.


I click Next and then it offers me:

Run Windows XP System Recovery Tool which reboots the PC and runs the Windows XP native recovery tool.

Or continue with other recovery options

If i got to the other options i get

Restore Only Boot Information - to restore Master Boot Record and partition information


Restore all Windows Operating System Files - to restore all OS files WITHOUT affecting any user files or programs.

So which is the Factory Restore?

I've already tried the 3rd one and it got to 80%, rebooted and started up the damaged Windows installation i want to get rid of.

This is so easy on other brands. I don't know why i don't get it on this Mesh.

  PaulB2005 20:53 16 Nov 2005

I've already tried option 1 but it says it'll start the recovery when the PC reboots, but it doesn't. It reboots and then states "Windows didn't close down properly. please choose Last known Config, Safe Mode, Normal Mode etc etc"

  PaulB2005 21:02 16 Nov 2005

I've read this now - click here - the recovery partition is still there as far as i know. I haven't deleted or edited it.

I just can't find the Factory Settings option.

If it comes down to it i can use the WinXP CD to reinstall but looks like the apps will be lost.

  Sans le Sou 21:03 16 Nov 2005

You have to press shift and click on a small red dot in the Mesh logo to access the restore to factory settings option

  Zak 21:07 16 Nov 2005

When you are in the Recovery wizard screen:

on left hand side of screen you will see image of Mesh PC

Below picture you will see a small dot with a line going vertically upward towards the PC. Mesh logo should also be displayed directly to the right of the small dot.

Once small dot located,hold down the shift keyand use your left button mouse to click on the dot.

Click on Next and you will see option in red to restore to factory settings. Select this radio dial option and click Next. The Wizard will take you through the rest to get back to original factory settings.

  Sans le Sou 21:08 16 Nov 2005

May not be red but there is a small dot there, click next after doing above and another option is displayed in red writing to restore to factory settings. You should have the method in the paperwork from mesh.

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