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  gra 15:03 16 Jan 2004

My daughter has paid £1700 for a mesh computer on the recommendation of PC Advisor. On phoning to day to see when it would arrive she was told that the coy had gone broke and she will not see the computer or her money. I see PC Advisor is still recommending Mesh on best buys. Is the magazine liable for this loss?

  gra 15:17 16 Jan 2004

Sorry Mesh not you although judging by the complaints of your service perhaps you are not doing so well. The villain was in fact Multivision Ionix which computers are still being recommended by PC Advisor!

  carver 17:10 16 Jan 2004

And what would you like PCA to do, recall every mag that's been published and re-edit them all. So far you have had two digs at Mesh on this forum and on comsumerwatch and been wrong twice.

  carver 17:12 16 Jan 2004

One more note, if she has paid by credit card she should contact her card company and they will reimburse her money.

  dfghjkl 18:32 16 Jan 2004

who is coy?why not try all the mags,they all run ads,then the web sites,then the yellow pages,then thompson local,then anyone who has advertised by word of mouth,maybe the tv,local radio,in fact you can try and sue anyone who has written threads promoting their you think you are being unfair to this site and to mesh (who do have their own share of bad press,but still answer to threads at 8 pm on a sunday night)we must presume that the ad was sent in earlier than last weekend,i am also sure that the mag has got some small print (now illegal i hear,)stating that they have nothing to do with these people in a legal sense,not sure how it is worded but if this thread lasts someone will quote it word for word.nothing personal gra and i hope your daughter gets her money back.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 16 Jan 2004

'On phoning to day to see when it would arrive she was told that the coy had gone broke and she will not see the computer or her money'......if she phoned she must have phoned Multivision. Was she unaware that she had bought a Mesh? She would have paid by credit card, so what is the problem if a company goes broke? Are you sure she has bought a computer at all? Are you sure that you have not gone deaf/beserk?

When a company goes into liquidation they are not necessarily 'villains', ever heard of 'market conditions'?

The mags are printed a month or so in advance, Multivision went into liquidation two weeks ago...does this not compute?

'Is the magazine liable for this loss?' are joking, aren't you. I feel that she was not dragged, by the editor, to a computer retailer and forced to stump up the cash. I sense that you are not on this planet and this is the single most ridiculous sentence ever written.

I fail to see the point in any of your thread.


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