Mesh Laptop - screen display distorted

  [DELETED] 16:50 04 Mar 2006

I purchased a MESH Laptop less than a year ago. In early days, it use to intermittenly shutdown by itself right in the middle of me doing something. The bottom use be get very hot. Leaving it OFF for a while and then switching it on use to make it work.

I bought a USB Laptop cooler fab and plugged it to laptop. This intermittent shutdown's stopped.

Two weeks ago, it won't boot up and I had a dead laptop on hand. I took it over to MESH to have it examined and fixed. Got it back a week later working. Was told that the RAM memory was faulty and it was replaced and the BIOS was updated.

On returning home , a couple of hours later, I saw that the screen resolution was getting distorted, kind of running and a lot of orange, pink colours. The kind of image you get when the TV reception is bad due to weak signal.

I informed MESH of the fault and thier technical people suggested I re-install Windows XP. I did that but the problem remained.

I then decided to take it back to MESH. When I was at MESH premises, I switched it ON , the screen display resolution was normal. I switched it OFF and then ON again and again it was normal. The laptop then was running on battery power. Mesh Representative suggested that it could be my mains power adapter that was causing the screen distortion. I thought the same as I never use it on battery power at home, it was allways used using mains power. Mesh representative told me to exchange the mains power adapter and that will fix my problem.

I then took it back home. I switched it ON and the picture/screen was normal, I continued using it on battery power and after a while whilst still using it on battery power, the screen display started distorting and I had the problem back on again. So here the diagnosis that it could be the mains power adapter that is the root cause of the problem is unfounded.

I now think it is due to overheating. When the laptop is coming in from the cold, the screen display is normal (OK), after a while when it is ON, it gets hotter and then the screen display starts distorting. By the way I am still using the USB cooler fan to keep it cool but this appears not to do any good now..

My Question is : Is this normal, have anyone here on the forum experienced similar problem.
Please give me advise and guidance

  [DELETED] 09:46 05 Mar 2006

Come on everybody, help me here please

  [DELETED] 10:39 06 Mar 2006

I think no-one has anything else to add. It certainly does sound like overheating.

I would expect that the only thing you can do now is have the notebook looked at once more.

If you need any assistance with this I can be contacted via [email protected]


  [DELETED] 10:48 06 Mar 2006

I know this is going to be a stupid question but when useing you lappy do you actually have it on your lap when the problem occurs.
Bacause the airflow comes from underneath you need clear space for it to work efficiently...

  [DELETED] 20:20 06 Mar 2006


Thanks for your quick response, I too am now convinced it is overheating as I have been paying it extra attention, when it is switched on from cold, the screen display is OK for the 1st 5 minutes and after that the resolution start degrading and the longer it stays on, the worst it gets. Watching a DVD using Power DVD is like watching TV without an aerial. I will be taking it to MESH towards the end of this week to have it looked at again once more. Thanks again for your offer of assistance. Much appreciated.


No the laptop is never placed on the lap, it is placed on a Laptop cooler fan and only the edge that is towards the user touches the table surface. The edge which is on the screen side is about an inch up from the table surface and it surely gets sufficient cooling in my opinion. The insides is heating up and that is what maybe causing the graphics distortions

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