Mesh Hell

  Tigertailz 16:15 19 Sep 2008

Well, what can i say. I saw Mesh advertising in PC Advisor last October and by November i had my £1700 PC arrive, i have been using PC's since my ZX81 many years ago and have built a fair few in between, i chose the easy option and thaught that MESH would be a good choice for the price. well since last November the computer has seen 3 engineers call outs and has been rebuilt twice at there base, and the last time it was repaired the only thing left from the old system was the hard drives and optical drives. well a few days ago i switched on the Mesh system to be faced with a black screen and a flashing cursor, no operating system splash screen - nothing, i phoned their usless techies who i am sure is reading from a manual speaking in pigeon english (i assume he was of the asian origin, and i struggled to understand a word, i had already tried all his suggestions, he wanted me off the phone as quickly as he could, i.e. he wasn't interested. i explained i have had no end of problems with the system since day one, again he couldn't care less. now for the third time it's going back, i have no confidence in there tech support and i wan't my money back, my chances of that happening are zero, so what do you do? since PC Advisor allows them to advertise in their magazine, i don't think they will help. Any suggestions?

  skidzy 16:39 19 Sep 2008

For what its worth...a simple search on PCA would have brought up conflicting reviews of Mesh.

Personally,i would have looked elsewhere.

That said,you may find that Davey (if still at Mesh) will deal with your problem personally.He does pop in here at times,and will respond to you.

He has dealt with various issues over the years and may well sort yours for you.

To contact him;

[email protected] this assuming he is still working for Mesh.

  Bagsey 18:25 19 Sep 2008

I like you had mega grief with the mesh help line.But I was advised to contact Davie and that worked like a charm. No problem since,so go for that option.He phoned me and he speaks very understandable english. So email him using skidzy's link.

  Forum Editor 18:40 19 Sep 2008

in the magazine has got nothing to do with whether we'll help or not. This forum is here to offer help and advice, and we'll do that, regardless of the company involved.

The fact is, there's nothing we can do in a case like this - it's something that you have to resolve with the supplier. If you contact Davey at the mesh address which skidzy has supplied I'm pretty confident that you'll get a response. Mesh has been providing support in this forum for quite a few years now, and is in fact the only supplier which has done so consistently.

Email Davey, and if he doesn't respond within a reasonable time let us know here, in your thread, and I'll see if there's anything I can do.

  Tigertailz 21:18 20 Sep 2008

Ok people, i dismantled the system myself and tested the motherboard, Hard drives, optical drive, power supply, graphics card and ram, everything seems to check out ok, i replaced the ram with some ballistic ram i had spare and cleaned the pc inside with some canned air, rebuilt the system and swapped the power cables about and changed the processor fan with a new one, a bit of an annual service you might say, switched on and wehey i have windows! anybody have any idea what the problem might be? a loose cable or connection somewhere on the motherboard, if it happens again i will let you know. funny thing is about a few weeks ago i got a drive boot failure, for some reason the bios decided to boot from my secondary hard drive, unplugging all the SATA leads except the main hard drive, sorted that problem out, then 2 weeks later the system wouldn't even recorgnise the HD with the OS on it. this is weird.

Enough of my rambling, it seems to be ok at the moment only time will tell if there is a deeper routed problem, thanks for the reply though. Cheers

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