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  jesta 13:08 14 Dec 2004

i have recently realized that in this forum many people had/have problems with mesh,i.e. pc wont boot, it freezes.this makes me unsure about mesh as i was thinkin either buying a computer from them or building one myself.from reading many posts i am leaning towards building one myself.has anyone who has recently brought a new mesh pc which does not have any problems?

thanks in advance

  Rigga 13:13 14 Dec 2004

I purchased a New Mesh in March, it worked straight out of the box, and is still running 24x7 today.

I would recommend them in an instant and already have done to several friends.

Having said that, if you are confident enough then building your own would be a rewarding experience, and there are plenty of forum members who would help with that I'm sure.


  HariboFan 13:24 14 Dec 2004

Definetely recommend Mesh.
Very good product and excellent after sales service.
Have had my Mesh desktop for 2 years now and no problems at all

  jesta 13:39 14 Dec 2004

thank you for that quick post.i want to build a pc mainly because of the SLI technology which enables me to have better performance by running two graphics card.the price of all the parts is £1300.ive seen a mesh computer with an athlon fx55 and nearly the same spec except it hasnt got the sli technology and has a 19" flat screen where as i have only a 17" so i wanted to know which is better?

  Rigga 13:56 14 Dec 2004

jesta, I wish I could afford to build my own SLi machine. I envy you that. :-) Imagine two 6800 Ultra cards running in tandem at full speed. Awesome indeed!

As for which is better??? only you can decide that, is the 19" monitor needed? is it any good for gaming??

The build your own, if using SLi and two recent cards will blow any non SLi system out of the water in terms of graphics performance.

Although if you only have a 17" TFT monitor, or even a 19"TFT for that matter, then you're not going to be getting the most from your SLi setup.

Most TFT Monitors have native resolutions of or near to 1280x1024. Which even a single 6800 Ultra or X800 would eat for breakfast. A dual SLi board should be able to run with all details and at 1600x1200 easily.

If money is no object then you can buy TFT monitors with 1600x1200 native resolution, but they are expensive.

At the end of the day it's your call. :-).. (Nice decision to have to make though!)


  jesta 14:08 14 Dec 2004

i see what you mean,i was considering puttin two geforce 6600GT cards in which is cheap at the moment. (£150 cheaper than the 6800ultra and runs nearly the same.)the other thing that attracted me towards mesh is becuase they have an athlon 64 fx55 whereas the processor i am going to use is an athlon 64 there a big amount of difference?


  Rigga 14:41 14 Dec 2004

Not sure about the diference between the two CPU's, I tried a quick google search and came up with this, > click here < From AnandTech It compares the 64 4000+ and the FX-55.

And there's an FX-55 review > click here <


  PsiFox 15:04 14 Dec 2004

With regard to the SLI issue. Some recent tests showed that the end result of spending £800 on 2 high end Nvidia GFX cards was only 8 fps over one PCI-e ATI gfx card. Whilst the technology is bound to improve unless you have money to burn there is no real benefit to using this for games at the moment.


  jesta 15:31 14 Dec 2004

psifox would buying a motherboard that has SLI technology be good for future upgrading or should i go for a cheaper motherboard?

thanks again rigga for the link.youve been great help

  slackeratslack 13:58 15 Dec 2004

I bought a Mesh PC two months ago and have had nothing but odd problems with it since. But to be fair to Mesh,(and I go back on a previous comment I made about avoiding Mesh)many of the problems seem to be related to software clashes with WP sp2. (Software Mesh provide by the way)
That said, their support is poor as you can't get to them on the phone easily and trying to register your PC online for help is a problematic to say the least. Thankfully, there is a Mesh contact called Davey who kindly helps people on these forums. But that still doesn't let Mesh off the hook - they need to seriously improve their aftersales support. Are they any worse than other companies I wonder?

  boy_from_the_blackstuff 17:19 15 Dec 2004

I bought a Mesh PC 13 months ago and would recommend them. However I did have one problem in that my original CD/DVD rewriter was faulty and I initially received inadequate support from their help-line. However one message on this bulletin board resulted in an instant response from Davey at Mesh and the problem was resolved within a few days by an on-site visit and replacement.

My advice - get Davey's e-mail address and buy Mesh!

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