Mesh Computer - removing modem - XP crash

  georgemac 17:33 29 Aug 2004

My friends have a mesh matrix, bought in Jan 2004, around xp2600 or xp2800 with SATA hard drive etc, a very nice machine.

We recently had a severe lightning storm, after which they could not connect to the internet (dial up). I have been down to check, and the modem is dialling out but does not get a response from the remote computer (this is the error message & many computer modems & telephones in the village have had to be changed after the storm)

I tried removing the modem in the control panel to let XP detect it again and reinstall it, but as soon as I remove it windows XP crashes with the message IRQL is less than equal.

The modem type is Soft56K Data Fax Voice Speakerphone CARP.

Even if I went tp fit a replacement PCI modem, I cannot get back the crash (serious system fault) detected by XP when I remove the old modem in control panel.

I have emailed mesh support with the address I found in consumerwatch, asking how I should proceed. Maybe get an identical PCI modem from Mesh?

Anyone any experience with modifying Mesh PC's?

  georgemac 17:35 29 Aug 2004

should have said "cannot get past the crash"

other option is now to upgrade to broadband now that our village has it, but their 12 month dial up deal with tiscali runs until Jan, and I do not like tiscali broadband packages.

  johnnyrocker 17:51 29 Aug 2004

system restore?


  georgemac 19:41 29 Aug 2004

no restore point created before the modem failure, they will not have done this although there will be a check point.

Don't see how this would help? Computer runs fine except cannot acess internet.

Remove modem in control panel, serious windows error & crash.

Reboot, modem is still there (in control panel), pc runs fine but cannot connect to the internet.

Query modem & all is fine with the diagnostics.

  jimv7 19:58 29 Aug 2004

Physically remove the modem from the computer, insert new modem and windows will detect it and ask for drivers. After installing new modem, you can remove the old 1 from control panel/modems.

  georgemac 21:09 29 Aug 2004

may try that, but the machine is still under mesh warranty, and I think I will wait until I have their permission to do this rather than invalidate the warranty. Hopefully they will be OK with me replacing the modem.

  okcoky 23:06 29 Aug 2004

irql not less than equal than is in the microsoft knowledge base,it means that your virtual machine files are corrupt of memory is incompatable or damaged,this would account for the crash but im not sure about the modem.i had the same error message and ended up getting new ram which cured the problem,take a look at the microsoft knowledge base.

  okcoky 23:08 29 Aug 2004

should say "corrupt or memory is incompatable or damaged"

  Sans le Sou 23:46 29 Aug 2004

I have a Mesh and when you go anywhere near the modem software the whole thing caves in with that message. I thought it was my comp being a bit picky but now that you report the same problem I am not so sure. Mesh must know about this, or they are going to a bit sharpish. I reckon Mesh should supply a different modem if the one they supply is doing this.

  georgemac 06:51 30 Aug 2004

very interesting, I will wait on a response from Mesh.

  Sans le Sou 11:26 30 Aug 2004

I would be interested to see if they respond at all and what weasel words they utter.

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