mesh amd athlon 64 bit sp 2 conflict

  albo2004uk 08:52 17 Apr 2005

Hi, can anyone help? i own a mesh computer with a amd athlon 64, ive read that if i install sp 2 it can wreak havock with my computer..i own a sp2 disc but im wary to load it, is there any patches or fixes i should do before i load the disc??

  bremner 09:03 17 Apr 2005

Go to the Mesh site and you will find a patch for their 64 bit machines.

  Inside Edge 18:54 17 Apr 2005

There is indeed a fix on the MESH website. I tried it just yesterday and things didn't go entirely to plan. My PC is not booting up correctly and I've detailed a request for advice on a separate posting. My advice is back-up comprehensively (I did) and give it a try, as it presumably works 99% of the time, but be ready for some pain if you're in the 1%. At worst you'll be able to restore your back-up.

Good Luck

  albo2004uk 21:31 17 Apr 2005

thanks..downloaded the patch from mesh..did exactly wot they said..loaded sp 2 disc..then couldnt open internet explorer, no home page!! no nothing!! spent all afternoon trying eveything to no uninstalled back to normal???

  albo2004uk 21:41 17 Apr 2005

forgot to say, i was connected to the internet at the time (broadband) msn messenger would work and other programmes, just that everytime i clicked on internet explorer nothing happened??

  Tenacious Green 21:47 17 Apr 2005

Make sure that after downloading SP2 you download all available windows updates as there have been quite a few since it's release if not already included in your sp2 download/cd-rom.

This may help

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