Merry Xmas

  concretepigsy 18:55 23 Dec 2003

Can i wish all the guys and gals in this forum, the very best wishes for Christmas and the new year. Special thanks to all the boffins who helped me several times with my PC crisis ( and there were an awful lot)

Chris aka the pig

  Djohn 19:00 23 Dec 2003

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you Chris, and everyone else as well :o)

  rev.bem 19:26 23 Dec 2003

A merry christmas to you and all forum members

Has anyone noticed that you never see Gandalf


Or Santa


At the same time?

  concretepigsy 20:28 23 Dec 2003

does that mean....................

gandalf is a myth and isnt real???


  holly polly 21:02 23 Dec 2003

Seasons Greetings to all-hol pol......

  VoG II 21:05 23 Dec 2003

Careful! - you never know who is reading this.

Merry Christmas to you, all registered users and PCA staff.

  mammak 21:16 23 Dec 2003

Now folk's it is VoG that is Santa' we all knew that did we not' Merry Christmas to all PCA member's and staff, and of course our wonderfull FE best wishe's to all Mammak.

  VoG II 23:29 23 Dec 2003

Why you would say that is beyond me. Now that children are safely tucked-up I can reveal that the FE is Santa (possibly).

Anyway, please make sure that your chimney has been swept.

  concretepigsy 10:56 24 Dec 2003

Now i am confused will the real santa please stand up???

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