merry Christmas

  LivEviL 00:04 25 Dec 2005

merry christmas one and all i hope u all get the new gadgets u want from santa!

  phono 02:13 25 Dec 2005

And you as well LivEviL, while you are on the subject of gadgets can I just advise you of a "small problem" that I encountered.

I just spent the last three nights trying to install a "Video card from hell" delivered courtesy of "Santa".

I wanted to replace my ATI Radeon 9250 and, after many hints, "Santa" duly obliged with permission granted to spend some dosh, I duly placed an order with the Elves for a Sapphire Hybrid X700 PRO 256mb GDDR3, not cutting edge technology but, supposedly, a big improvement on what I already had.

With all ATI Radeons using the same drivers installation was surely going to be a piece of cake, Christmas Cake or otherwise, TOTALLY WRONG, card installed computer boots okay, the nice Windows XP screen appears and then, literally nothing, screen goes black and LCD display light turns amber, NO SIGNAL.

To cut an already long story short, I uninstalled, reinstalled, purged the registry and so on and so on, I was about to return the card to Santa with a nice note as to where exactly in the North Pole to insert it when, after much Googling, I happened upon a magical site which advised turning off fast writes in the BIOS.

Now, my trusty old 9250 liked fast writes and never threw a hissy fit when they were enabled, thus, with great trepidation, and disbelief, I disabled fast writes and rebooted, I awaited with baited breath and low and behold, I once again had gained entry to all that is the magical world of Windows XP.

Who knows where I will be able to venture to next, the land of great FPS whilst playing a game at the same time as "burning a DVD", "surfing the net", "stuffing the turkey", and all at the same time mind you?

In a very roundabout way I suppose I am just trying to say that I got my problem sorted so "Happy Christmas one and all", but beware of "supposedly new and better technology".

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