rural blues 10:56 27 Oct 2003

Until yesterday, when using the "search for files and folders" facility, I have always been greeted by a little yellow dog. I am now greeted by Merlin the Animated Wizard and new sounds! Where did he come from?

  Lozzy 10:59 27 Oct 2003

Sounds like the Office XP helper!!! Is he dressed in Blue with gold stars!!

  rural blues 11:11 27 Oct 2003

Lozzy - yes, he is as you describe, I've seen him before, but not ever on my computer! I don't have MS Office!

  christmascracker 12:57 27 Oct 2003

He's the search companion that comes with XP. You can change him to some other caracter or not have one at all.

When you open search click on "change preferences".

  rural blues 09:48 28 Oct 2003

I didn't select Merlin to appear, so why should he? I tried "change preferences" already but I gain no other character, although I can turn him on and off. I have no objection to Merlin, I just wonder why he should turn up now?

  christmascracker 10:34 28 Oct 2003

On mine if I click on change preferences I get a list of 7 options one of which is "with a different character"

What do you get if you click on merlin himself?

As to why this has changed I'm sorry but I havn't a clue :-(

  rural blues 11:52 28 Oct 2003

Christmascracker - I've tried absolutely everything. "With a different character" is accessible, as you say, but there are no other characters - Merlin will bow and do tricks and that's all! Clicking on Merlin himself brings you to three options, one of which is "With a different character",as above. I suppose I have to accept that computers do strange things now and again, and this is just another fairly insignificant happening!? Cheers.

  rawprawn 11:53 28 Oct 2003

As far as I know Merlin or any of the other characters are only available to MS Office & don't appear in XP ( I have Home Edition ) I used to get just a mobile paper clip & when I tried to "change preferences" I was asked to put the MS Office 2000 professional CD in and I could then install the rest of the characters.Where would I find Merlin on XP ?

  Lozzy 12:09 28 Oct 2003

On your PC do you have MS Works installed?? If yes, then you also have MSWord installed as well and gives you Merlin and other helper characters..

  Chegs ® 13:52 28 Oct 2003

I get Merlin/Courtney/Earl/Rover in XP Home(without my OfficeXP installed yet)

  rawprawn 14:37 28 Oct 2003

Where in XP will I find them ? if they are in yours they should br in mine but I can't find them in XP.

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