Merging Prices from Excel to Word

  Taff36 14:00 06 Oct 2005

I Finally gave up looking for a free accounting package because none of them seemed to do exactly what I wanted. Now I`ve built a crude database in Excel with Customer details, invoice numbers etc and Prices. In Word I have created an Invoice Template and I want to merge the information from Excel but the invoice amounts don`t appear correctly.

For example I enter 66.70 in excel (It defaults back to 66.7)and appears as 66.7 in the word document. Similarly 5.00 appears as 5. I`ve tried General, Number and Currency formats in Excel but they don`t seem to work when they appear in the Word Invoice.

Can someone point me in the right direction please.

  recap 15:18 06 Oct 2005

In Word 2003 when importing an Excel spreadsheet youget the option to format cells. To do this right click the imported spreadsheet and select Format Cells.

  keith-236785 15:31 06 Oct 2005

use excel to create your invoices instead of word, then the info should display properly.

  Taff36 15:38 06 Oct 2005

recap - I`m not importing the speadsheet as such, I`m merging it which gives me the option to print a range (Month) of invoices.

Paperman27 - I`m not sure I`m up to that. How would I get the information to change and print automatically based on individual information?

  pj123 15:43 06 Oct 2005

I agree with paperman27, why create an invoice in Word when Excel will do the same thing.

All my invoices are created in excel, if you want a copy email me via the envelope and I will send you one.

  Taff36 22:26 06 Oct 2005

I have received an example from pj123 and can see how I can adapt it to suit my needs. I have also sent paperman27 an example of my document to see if his method would be applicable. An offer he made during my last post which I should have taken up before now) Many thanks to them both - what a great forum.

I want to be in a situation where All my invoice details are recorded in a database. This enables me to keep records for Inland Revenue and tax purposes as well as management accounts and reports. If I can link the records to pj123`s Excel sheet for printing by perhaps using a "look up" function linked to date or Invoice number I can then print (or reprint) copies either singly or in (Monthly) batches.

I am still intrigued to know if I can cure the original formatting problem though so any further thoughts would be welcome. I bet VoG would have an idea or two! I`ll keep the post open for a couple of days just in case.

  recap 08:49 07 Oct 2005


  Simsy 18:11 07 Oct 2005

with no problems...

I have Word and Excel 2000

I made a small database in Excel; 4 colums with headings, Name,Rate,Hours,Total

All Colums, (except name), were formatted to give 2 places of decimals.

In Word I created a document and performed a mail merge to it. I tried using a table with the field in, and without a table.

In both cases the merged documents had all items with 2 decimal places, even if both figures after the decimal point were zero.

I therefore don't know what is going on with your situation.

However, it's just occurred to me that perhaps I've misunderstood the problem... Is the problem in Word, not copying the Excel formats...

Or is it in Excel, where you're not getting the format correct to start with?

If the problem is in Excel... I know you said you've tried General, Number and Currency formats in Excel, but have you also checked the number of decimal points in each case... this is a variable. Also, there is an option in the general tools for Excel, (Tools>Options>Edit), for you to have a fixed number of decimal places... you could check that.

I hope this is of help... with apologies if it isn't!



  Taff36 10:58 08 Oct 2005

Thanks for those notes. I`m in the middle of moving all my work back to my original repaired laptop but I`ll have a look at it tomorrow (Sunday) when I`ve finished. I am working with Office 2003 at the moment but my older laptop has 2002 so it will be interesting.

I think I`ve got the Excel bit right because the decimals show to 2 places in all the formats I`ve tried. It is when I merge them to Word that the zero`s are lost. Will keep you informed.

  keith-236785 17:01 09 Oct 2005

glad pj123 & simsy have jumped on this thread as it was a little beyond my Excel skills, originally i thought you just needed to create an invoice (entering all the data and letting excel calculate it for you), linking it to other forms and such is beyond me ( i know my limits)

if you require, i can still look at an access setup for you.

i will watch though as im hoping to learn something.

  Taff36 23:40 11 Oct 2005

Tried your suggestions but to no avail. My revived laptop with XP 2002 Office Pro behaves no differently. Unfortunately the curse of the working classes prevents me from experimenting further until later in the week but I won`t be beaten.

Paperman27 - Thanks again for the help so far - I`ll keep you informed.

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