Merging partitions trouble, stuck at boot screen

  Siniara 22:59 18 Apr 2018

Hello everyone!

I would like some insight on a situation I’ve gotten myself into, as I think I messed up quite badly.

I wanted to merge the only two partitions of my HD into one and I used the Minitool Partition Wizard software to do it. It wanted to reboot my laptop to continue since one of the partitions (obviously) was in use.

So after rebooting it did its thing for a looong while about 3-4 hours, but now it seems to be stuck at 87%. It’s 5hrs already with no change, and I’m kind of afraid to restart it forcefully, yet I think I’ll have to. Since I am new to this, the mistake I made, I think, is to run the program from the same partition it was operating on. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to proceed most sensibly and on any options I have atm. Here’s a screenshot: click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07:57 19 Apr 2018

Hope you left it on overnight and its completed now.

Other wise a forced reboot may leave you still in the same postion. Hope you also backed up all your important data as you may have to remove all partions and reinstall windows from fresh.

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