Merging Partitions

  chub_tor 16:26 26 Apr 2010

For some time I have had two partitions on my 1Tb drive - C: 300Gb With Vista 32 bit and D: 700Gb with Win7 32 bit. I have decided to change the C: drive to Win7 64 bit and eventually change completely over to make this my primary operating system. With that in mind I used Disk Manager to shrink the D: partition by 300Gb and I have ended up with a partition called L: that I would like to combine with the C: partition but I don't know how to do it. Any suggestions welcomed.

  scotty 16:53 26 Apr 2010

To regain the space from a partition you must delete it of reduce its size. However, you can only expand a partition if the free space is contiguous with the partition you want to expand. If you have reduced the size of your D: partition but the free space is not next to the C: partition, you will not be able to expand C: to use this free space. First you will need to move D:.

Is there a reason why you did not just delete the D: partition?

  chub_tor 17:25 26 Apr 2010

I had a feeling that was the problem. The reason I have yet to delete d: is that I need to transfer all my files and settings from D: to C: When this is complete and I have all my progammes installed on the new 64 bit operating system I can wipe D: then I will have a contiguous D: and L: and I can merge them into one.

  BRYNIT 17:26 26 Apr 2010

If you have already reduced the D drive just delete the L drive and extend the C drive.

Or download EASEUS Partition manager free click here

  chub_tor 18:13 26 Apr 2010

Easeus Partition Manager is for 32 bit systems only which is the same problem I have with Aconis Disk Manager (at least I think so as that doesn't work either). As I said one day soon I will be happy that I have transferred everything I need from the 32 bit D partition and then I can delete it all to make at least C and D contiguous.

  BRYNIT 19:53 26 Apr 2010


I completely forgot it was only for the 32 bit.

You could try Paragon Partition Manager 2010 Free from click here this does 64 bit.

  chub_tor 15:34 27 Apr 2010

Thanks for the link, I downloaded and installed it only to discover that the free version does not have the merge partitions function. Thanks anyway.

  canarieslover 16:51 27 Apr 2010

You don't merge partitions. You delete the partition you no longer require and then extend the partition you use to take in the now unused space on the hard drive. Obviously you need to remove all data that you need from the partition before deleting it.

  chub_tor 19:04 27 Apr 2010

The problem is that even if I delete the L partition it is still not contiguous with the C partition so I can't extend into it as the D partition is between the C and the L.

  canarieslover 20:12 27 Apr 2010

Make certain that the L: partition is formatted and usable. Move all your files that you need to keep from D: onto the L: partition. Delete D: and that will leave your empty space contiguous with your C: partition. Resize C: to use empty space. Check that you have all your files accessible from L: before deleting D:. Good luck.

  chub_tor 12:52 28 Apr 2010

I did as you recommended and after saving my files etc onto L I deleted D. However even after this the Extend Volume on C was greyed out and so I couldn't use Windows Disk Management. However I found a free partition manager Partition Wizard Home Edition click here that worked perfectly and simply by dragging a slider into the available space. Job done.

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