Merging Partitions

  Mysticnas 15:27 04 Oct 2004

Hi all,

Just a query, i partitioned my operating system hard drive into 3 partitions.

1 of the paritions has the operating system on it. I am currently running out of space on it. So i want to merge it into the partition next to it.

Partition Magic has an option to do this, merge partitions that is.

Just wondering whether it's a 'no no' to do this with a Bootable partition.

I can't find anything against it in the user manual.

Does anyone have any bad experiences?


SPEC: XP pro (NTFS), EIDE drive. Power Quest Partition Magic 8.

  hillybilly 15:58 04 Oct 2004

It should not be a problem just pretty straight forward. No different then joining any other two partitions. Just make sure they are both NTFS or both fat32

  Mysticnas 15:59 04 Oct 2004

somewhere else that i should turn off System Restore???

Is this true?

  hillybilly 16:03 04 Oct 2004

You could do but I not sure that you have to. For sure, if it is essential Partition Magic will halt and tell you to do it.

  Mysticnas 16:08 04 Oct 2004 chance of partition magic giving me any grief by messing up? is it all done in windows or is there a reboot required?

I've looked into backing up my system using these restore/image things... and they need like over 15CD's each... not very good at all.

  hillybilly 16:14 04 Oct 2004

I can only speak as I find, Ive used PM on a num,ber of occasions without a hitch. you start in windows and then it normally starts to reboot and before windows comes up it finishes whatever then comes up back into windows.

If your not sure, why not start by splitting one of your other partitions and then `put it back.

That should give you the confidence to merge your fisrt two partitions.

  pj123 17:11 04 Oct 2004

I don't see a problem with that. After all that is what Partition Magic is for.

  Mysticnas 00:50 07 Oct 2004

Well i followed partition magics instructions, and well...

unfortunately it ended up formatting my windows partition. Don't ask me how or why because i don't know. It just said will reboot, so it rebooted and during reboot it carried on with the procedure. Finally it said task successful (or something along those lines) and rebooted again. This time however, after going through POST, it said "Disk read error, press crtl Alt Del" tried that a few times but no good. Went into bios to check settings and everything seemed ok.

Tried using XP cd to repair/restore my pc, but realised that it had formatted my windows drive.

Installed a fresh copy of windows and thought i'd use my back up file to restore it back. But now... that didn't work properly either.

So again installed windows fresh and slowly starting to get my pc back to it's previous state.

I seem to have encountered a problem with sound now... but i'll save that for another thread.

Thanks all.

  JonnyTub 00:53 07 Oct 2004

obviously too late but you MUST turn off sytem restore

  Mysticnas 00:55 07 Oct 2004

Yes i did turn off system restore.

  JonnyTub 01:02 07 Oct 2004

very strange!

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