MOMBASA 23:16 27 Oct 2003

I merged two drives using Partition Magic and it did not work properly. I had to reinstall Windows XP and lost all my settings. The E drive is still there with some files which I recognise but I cannot open them.

Firstly is there any way I can get the files on E back?

Secondly, how can I safely merge the two drives? On booting up I get an error message "Log file initialization error, Drive E"


  woodchip 23:36 27 Oct 2003

It's because XP as info on the boot and you have messed that up by merging partitions info kept in MBR. It?s XP that?s the problem. You could try starting with XP CD and doing a repair if you have the full XP disc not recovery disc.

Vog can give more info on the procedure

  graham√ 23:37 27 Oct 2003

Caps lock key is stuck.

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