Merging Outlook Calendars

  RobG 14:48 09 Dec 2003

I am running MS Office XP at work and home. I want to be able to take a copy of my work calendar and merge it with my home calendar. Can anyone please suggest how this can be done?

  Big Elf 15:00 09 Dec 2003

I haven't tried this for real but you can export the Calendar folder as a 'pst' file and then import it into your home system. I'm not sure whether you'll get the option to merge or overwrite when you do it.

  RobG 15:04 09 Dec 2003

That's my concern as well. I don't want to overwrite it but merge them instead, enabling me to fill in both calendars without losing data when I combine the entries. Thanks though.

  seancblack 15:07 09 Dec 2003

A good way of doing this would be to export your calendar to excel and then save it on a floppy, you can then import it at home. Not entirely sure of how the calendar would work, but I have done this with contacts and had no problems.

  Big Elf 15:08 09 Dec 2003

Do a backup of your 'pst' file before trying it then you can replace it if it goes wrong. I know that when you import a normal mail folder you get various options to overwrite or merge as I did this at work yesterday.

  RobG 15:08 09 Dec 2003

Many thanks. I'll give it a go. I can always scrub the calendar and start again if it all goes Pete Tong!

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