merging hard disks

  TheTerminator 13:05 14 Jan 2003
  TheTerminator 13:05 14 Jan 2003

dunno if this is possible...
running win xp pro,
have a 60 gig hd divided up into about 8 partitions.
The system partition is running very low on space (less than 100 megs free) whilst i have 45 gigs free on other hard disk partitions.
Is there any way i can merge 2 partitions e.g. C (system) and j, to form a bigger C drive?

Also, can i convert my c: drive to be ntfs on the fly, without formatting it and reinstalling everything again?

Please help me!

  tran1 13:07 14 Jan 2003

I definately know, you can merge partitions together with Partition magic.

  TheTerminator 14:26 14 Jan 2003

can it be done with my system (c:)drive?

And can i do it using windows programs or do i have to use partition magic?

  TechMad 14:44 14 Jan 2003

You can convert the systems file system to ntfs, without re-installing everything. It involves typing in a command line into Command Prompt (CMD.EXE).

Allow a good 10 minutes or more. My computer took 10 minutes but then only had about 1.5GB worth of stuff on it.

Type in: "convert C: fs /ntfs" press the Enter/Return key. You will be told that your system files are active on this drive and so you will have to select the option to schedule the process upon system startup.

Restart your computer. The computer will first scandisk your c:\ drive and then display every file on your C:\ partition. After a while the machine will proceed into loading windows.

Your disk will now have NTFS on it. By the way you are going to stick with WinXP aren't you? Its a one way ticket only. There is no easy, or any route back to FAT32, or FAT.

As for your merging of two partitions I can only go along with Tran1's suggestion of Partition Magic. I think a PCW magazine CD and/or DVD had Partition Magic 5, but I have no idea how well it works on XP as I haven't tried it. I think that it could work if NTFS hasn't had major changes since Win2000.

  hillybilly 15:08 14 Jan 2003

Think you have to have at least Partion Magic version 7.0 for it to support WIN XP!

  TheTerminator 15:08 14 Jan 2003

Cheers one and all, worked a treat. just trying out partition magic, but c drive is now ntfs. many thanks!

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