Merging 'Favourites' list in IE6

  ch0pper 04:54 31 Dec 2003

I currently run IE6 on both my laptop and my desktop PC.

Like most people, I have managed to build up large Favourites (or as the Americans continually mispell it 'Favorites') lists.

I'm hoping that someone can tell me how I can merge the lsist so that I can keep them identical.

Also, how do I get IE6 to reorder the Favourites list in alphabetical order? I used to be able to do it, and I recall that it was not the most logical of actions.

  Chegs ® 05:15 31 Dec 2003

One way would be

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Favourites

Right Click,Select All,Copy and paste into a new folder,3.5 floppy,etc and transport to other machine,copy/paste into favs on second puter.Arrange alphabetically in new location/old location,but not sure if this will then display them as such in IE view.

  Chegs ® 05:21 31 Dec 2003

Also,in XP there is IE/File/Import,Export... which will allow you to save them somewhere,edit/arrange them then delete all previous listed in IE(as Opera always goes and duplicates them resulting in a massive list)then reimport them back again.

  ch0pper 12:06 04 Jan 2004

Sorry, but this has left me baffled.


  LeadingMNMs 12:14 04 Jan 2004

I'm not sure if you can merge them so they are both updated when one is changed. These suggestions are that you just copy your existing favourites onto the other machine.

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