merging 2 access

  ikle_pixie 11:32 21 Jan 2003
  ikle_pixie 11:32 21 Jan 2003

Is it possible?

  recap 13:04 21 Jan 2003

Go to Access Help and type in the Answer Wizard and type in "Merge" you will see "Connect a data access page or other Web page to a database". this is the only reference I could find ikle_pixie, it might lead you down the right avenue? But hopefully somebody else may know how to do this easier?

  Peter E 14:51 21 Jan 2003

It depends what exactly you mean by merge two databases. You can import a table (or query etc) from one database into another database (either just the structure or the structure and records) by opening the first database and selecting File - Get External Data - Import.

Also you can "paste append" records from one table (or query etc)to another table in the same database or in a different database (Go to the table, copy the data you want, open other table, insert cursor in correct position and select Edit - Paste Append).

As I said, it depends what exactly you wish to do.

Post back if you need more information.


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