merge partitions vista

  mobileman1953 16:26 26 Jan 2010

downloaded easeus partition magic to merge 2 partitions but cannot figure out how to do it has anyone used this program and give me an easy guide how to use it

  BRYNIT 17:01 26 Jan 2010

If you have not already done so remove all documents etc from the partition you are deleting.

In easeuse select the partition you want to delete and click on the delete icon. this will look like the partition has being deleted but has not processed yet. click on the partition you want to resize and select resize/move. Just drag the side of the partition across to fill the bar. Click OK

Just below operations pending you should see the apply button.

If you have any files on the main partition I would suggest backing them up just in case something goes wrong.

  mobileman1953 17:17 26 Jan 2010

the bar in the top of the partition i want to enlarge is already right across the top

  canarieslover 20:27 26 Jan 2010

There is a 'walkthrough' page on the website click here that shows how to shrink one partition and increase the main partition.

  BRYNIT 20:29 26 Jan 2010

When you open easeus partition Master does it show one drive with two partitions or does it show two drives.

If it shows two partitions have you deleted the partition you do not want. You cannot extend a partition if you do not have the space.

I've just gone through the basics without selecting apply without any problems.

If you click on help/user guide(PDF) it will explain how to use easeus.

  canarieslover 20:33 26 Jan 2010

Posted that too early. Check that the D: partition is not a 'Restore' partition, usually shown as FAT32 in partitioning software. If you remove that and you don't have a Vista disk you will not be able to re-install to factory settings if you ever need to. Let us know sizes of current partitions and reasons for wanting to merge them, there may be better ways of managing without mergeing.

  mobileman1953 20:48 26 Jan 2010

have 3 partitions recovery E 9.9gb
operating system C 99.1gb
and D 111gb free

want to merge c and d together

  canarieslover 20:55 26 Jan 2010

Provided that C: & D: are not seperate hard drives, and are shown as being adjacent partitions on your hard drive, then you only need to follow the walkthrough. You must delete D: before you can increase C:

  mobileman1953 21:05 26 Jan 2010

done thanks

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