Merge folders into one

  explicitlyrics100 16:31 20 Nov 2004

Strange one this,,,, I have 4 hard drive drives on my computer (Windows XP) to store video footage, they all have a folder on them in the root of the drive called the same thing. I can never remember which folder I have put something into so Im after a way to make all these folders appear as a drive of their own.

In My computer I want to have a drive letter (non existant drive) which just has the contents of the 4 folders inside. Then I can share this on the network and only check one place for a spcific file.

Anybody know if this is possible and any programs to help me do this?


  Michendi 18:38 20 Nov 2004

I understand that Partition Magic is capable of doing this type of action, but I have personally never tried it so I provide this on hearsay only. Use this link to read up on the product click here BUT BE WARNED... Partition Magic is NOT for beginners, but then again you sound like you know what you are doing. Good luck.

  alnwrd 18:44 20 Nov 2004

Have you tried creating short cuts for each file by right clicking. You can then store the short cuts in one folder on one of the drives.

  explicitlyrics100 18:44 20 Nov 2004

anybody? dust, no?


  explicitlyrics100 18:47 20 Nov 2004

net crashed so didnt see your messages.

Im definitely not a beginner but I have no experience in this area so i thought id check here.

Thanks guys ill give it a go.

  explicitlyrics100 20:23 20 Nov 2004

It seems partition magic can merge partitions which would be ok. The thing is sometimes one drive disappears because there is a loose connection I havnt dealt with. Having all drives merged (as opposed to folders merged virtually) will mean when this happens I may get major data corruption.

Anybody know a program that can create virtual drives of a folder you specify, then I can work from there.

Thanks again

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