jaraba 12:19 06 Feb 2010

Some time ago I read how to turn on the drop down menus in MS programs so that they showed all the options all the time.
Cant find it now, but believe it was in PC Advisor mag.
Anyone know how to make them show all menu options all the time.

  lotvic 12:39 06 Feb 2010

How to display all menu commands click here

  jaraba 14:14 06 Feb 2010

Thought it would be something simple that I couln't find.

  AroundAgain 18:02 06 Feb 2010

Thanks for posting your question, Jaraba, and thanks, Lotvic, for the link with the solution.

Like Jaraba, I had forgotten how to change the menu drop down behaviour but knew it was something straight forward. Just haven't had time etc to do anything about finding out.

So, thanks a million, guys!!!

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