Menu Tool Bar in Word 2000

  User-AD3653D0-1723-462E-B832A2AB8950B2A6 14:17 16 Jul 2004

I installed a copy of MS Word 2000 for my mother 'cos I think MS Works is garbage!

However, a funny thing has happened.

I now get a 'Menu Toolbar' in a little box on the screen. This box can be moved at will.

BUT, it contains all the commands that normally sit immediately under the blue line at the top of the screen. So, All the commands, File, Edit, View, Insert, Format etc etc are in this little box and not where they should be.

I've looked thru the MS Word help files, but they are as clear as mud! OR, I'm not asking the 'right' questions.

Does anyone know how I can set this up to the normal view?

  Chris the Ancient 14:37 16 Jul 2004

Double click on the bar at the top of the 'box' and it should park in the correct position.

  Djohn 16:47 16 Jul 2004

If we are thinking of the same thing, it's a small bar that when you click on it it scrolls down to show the menu, click on it again, it will fold back up to a bar. It's from Works and not the menu of Word. I've forgot the name of this now but it can be disabled quite easy.

Have a look through the Works help section for this toolbar and just disable it. Please ignore my suggestion if we are not talking about the same menu/scroll bar.

This will happen if you install Office over Works without first removing Works from the system.

  Djohn 17:00 16 Jul 2004

If you have installed only Word 2000 and not the full office suite then you will have 2 versions of Word on the PC. Word 2000 that you have just installed and Word 2002 that is part of works Suite. This also will cause what I think you are seeing.

Again, if I'm correct you will need to go into add/remove programs, un-install Word 2000. Go back to add remove programs, click on add/remove Works. [Don't worry it will not remove Works] but give you the option to remove individual applications from within Works.

Select Word and remove it from system then install word 2000. This is assuming the version of Word from works is older than the one you are installing.

If you are installing the full Office Suite of Office 2000 then it will be safe to remove Works completely then add back any individual applications you wish.

  Djohn 17:05 16 Jul 2004

It's called the "Works Task Launcher". As mentioned above it is a small bar that will unfold with the first click then fold back up again on the second click.

If I've guessed at the wrong problem then please ignore my post above. :o(

Ta Djohn.

In fact it was nothing to do with Works at all.

It was as Chris the Ancient described. Easily fixed.

Now I need to find out how it happened in the first place. Trouble is that my geriatric mother behaves like a 5yr old. and always says 'It wasn't me. I didn't touch anything'. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  Chris the Ancient 19:13 16 Jul 2004

Sorry to be late - just got it from work.

It happens if someone accidentally (?) clicks on the bar, holds the mouse button and then drags the bar onto the screen. Easy done without realising (done it myself!).


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