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  steve263000 09:30 20 Apr 2005

I have finally found a nice drop down menum and I have put that in the index page where it works well click here

However when I tried to use the same menu in other pages it does not link at here Please ignore some of the other links below, as I have changed page names and not changed the old links. Why will the menu work on some pages and not others? I have deliberately put in some of the broken ones so that perhaps someone can view the source and see where I made the mistake.

The site I got the menus from is click here which seems to be a very good source of web design stuff.

  mattyc_92 10:05 20 Apr 2005

The reason is that the Script hasn't been named as Javascript and it hasn't got the "</script" at the end...

It should look like this: (without the double lines)

<FORM><SELECT ONCHANGE="window.location.href = this.options[selectedIndex].value;

this.selectedIndex=0" name="drop_list" size="1">

<OPTION STYLE="color: navy" SELECTED>Where do you want to go?</OPTION>

<OPTION VALUE="click here" target="top">All the Web</OPTION>

<OPTION VALUE="click here" target="top">Google</OPTION>

<OPTION VALUE="click here" target="top">Yahoo</OPTION>

Then just change the "address" and the "display" message and this will work...

You could go to my site (click here) for more details on changing this and for adding colour to the text, etc...

  mattyc_92 10:06 20 Apr 2005

the link to the page on my site isn't working, try click here

  steve263000 14:47 20 Apr 2005

Thanks to matty for the information on the links. I have gratefully used some of the menus that he has suggested. However, not I have finally finished the uploading two minor problems have arisen. Nearly all of the links work perfectly, but there are just two that I have found that do not, and I cannot see a reason for it. As I have said in the past, I am not a HTML writer, so perhaps I have done something wrong or missed something out.

On this page click here The Tenerife link does not work, yet as far as I can see the code is good, and on this page and all others in the "Welsh" section, click here The "wales at war" link does not work. There must be a simple answer, but I have checked the code until my eyes are popping out. Can someone have a look at it please.

  rory7411 15:16 20 Apr 2005

As far as I can see the links are working it's just not finding the pages which suggests that the names of the pages you've uploaded don't exactly match what you've called them in the links. Could be a simple spelling mistake or you might have put them in a different directory by accident. Check your file management system to see what you've actually got uploaded.

  mattyc_92 15:39 20 Apr 2005

is this the address to the "Tenerife" link??? click here

It is CASE SENSITVE..... so tenerife.htm ISN'T the same as Ternerife.htm

  mattyc_92 15:41 20 Apr 2005

sorry, I ment to show the link, but the forum changed it to click here....

Is this the address??? (without the spaces)

http:// homepage. ntlworld .com / s.burns / tenerife.htm

  steve263000 03:00 22 Apr 2005

I changed the name of the two pages that were giving problems. The "Wales at War" page is now ok, but the Tererife page, now renamed "sunhol.htm" still cannot be found. It does work correctly in the browser preview however. Any ideas?

  steve263000 08:46 23 Apr 2005

I have had another look at the site, and for some reason, two pages have given up. When I fixed the "wales at war" page, as forum member said, the French day page has now stopped working. Weird or what? I am stumped now, so when I have time I will try another form of drop down unless anybody has another suggestion.

  steve263000 05:30 25 Apr 2005

I am going to close down this post now as all the links seem to be working. I have re-loaded the site, and that seems to have cured the problem. As usual my thanks to all that have responded especially mattyc_92 for his help with the menu. Any comment that you wish to make about the general view of the site would be appreciated.

  steve263000 10:09 25 Apr 2005

Forum member, Thanks for the error spotting. I will correct them on my "fiddle" with the site. Quite frankly after the last few days I am a bit nervous about playing with to much in case I b###ger it up again. Steve.

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