RobCharles1981 22:06 30 Jul 2006

Ive downloaded the Memtest programe and I format a blank floppy disk and drag the memtest contents onto the A Drive I restart the computer and its not regognising the programe I have the A Drive as the first boot option in Bios



  GaT7 22:28 30 Jul 2006

Your floppy drive / floppy may be faulty. Try to run it from CD.

The following from click here:

"Run from CD

Memtest86+ is directly executable by any modern x86 compatible machine, by writing the iso to a CD one can boot from the CD to run memtest.

Simply download the appropriate package, the Download - Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.gz) for Linux users and the Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO (.zip) for Windows users.

For Windows, unzip the package into a directory like C:\memtest. You will now see a file called memtest86+-1.xx.iso in this directory. You will need to burn this file to a CD with a CD recording program. Do note however that you should not make a regular data CD on which you for instance write your text documents and holiday photographs. Instead the iso file is a so called image of a CD, it is a direct copy of a CD. Your CD recording program will most likely have a feature called burn image or something to that effect which you should use to burn the CD.

When the burning completed your drive will most likely have ejected the CD and you should have a bootable memtest86+ CD. To run the test directly reinsert the CD and reboot your machine.

Your machine should now boot from the CD, display the word Loading folowed by a series of periods and then show a screen much like the screenshots on the memtest86+ web page. The test is automatically started.

If your machine simply boots back into Windows/Linux you will most likely have to configure your BIOS to attempt to boot from CD-ROM drive on startup, refer to your computer's/mainboard's manual how to do this.

When you are done testing simply remove the CD and reset your computer, if ever you want to execure the test again simply reinsert the CD and reboot/start your computer."


  RobCharles1981 23:57 30 Jul 2006

hmmm good question - all I did was format it and draged the files onto the floppy how do I make it bootable??

  GaT7 23:59 30 Jul 2006

"...I format a blank floppy disk and drag the memtest contents onto the A Drive..." - that's not the right way to do it, so my initial post about the faulty drive/floppy isn't either.

The correct way to make a Memtest boot floppy (from my link):

"For Windows, unzip the package into a directory like C:\memtest, insert a blank floppy into your a: disk drive and run the install.bat file. As the install prompts you, to use memtest directly, leave the disk in the drive and reboot your machine."


  RobCharles1981 00:00 31 Jul 2006

are yes thats what I did!!! How daft of me!!

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