Memory/Harddrive upgrade

  msmop 06:56 21 Oct 2003

My daughter has just started using Photoshop Pro 7, but she only has a 2 GB hardrive and 64MB Ram, and is struggling a bit using graphics. Can you advise what she should upgrade her system to, to achieve less problems running this type of program?



  accord 07:12 21 Oct 2003

please advise what pc you are using with a full description of the following: motherboard, type of memory ie PC133, PC2700, graphics card, cpu rating (intel or AMD)

Photoshop is a processor hungry program and will struggle with an old one of a few years old. Together with the 64mb RAM you have, im sure your system is screaming at you to give it some extra juice.

I have a feeling that your machine is a few years old and may be worth looking a replacing the whole thing with a new one. There are some good deals at the moment with a brand spanking new pc costing as little as £500. You could easily spend that on a new motherboard, CPU, RAm, HD Graphics card.

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