wonderwill 22:55 03 Jul 2006

I had some problems with my pc and it started a memory dump which I am afraid I do not understand. However, all resolved, restored to previous and no viruses. All well except drive C; has gone down by about 5.5Gb. I note that memory.dmp is this size

Can I delete it - Windows xp?

  wonderwill 23:07 03 Jul 2006

Sorry it is only 550 Mgb.

I do seem to have 5.5Gb less than I thought and notice using Treesize that Restore is around this but I assume I cannot do anything about this?

  Diversion 23:31 03 Jul 2006

Check in your add and remove programs and check the file sizes. I once had this problem and it turned out to be a program that had installed itself and was gathering infomation about all the programs that I had on my computer, it took nearly 9GB of my hard drive. I uninstalled the program and got my 9GB back straight away, I have done regular checks on my PC since that happened. The memory dump is usually were the computer stores reports that it sends to Microsoft when you computer has an error to report.

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