MEMORY--Where is it all going to ?.

  ralph-226856 14:03 13 Nov 2003

Because my PC was slowing down I started looking for background programs that could be draining my RAM. I went into System Information>Running Tasks and was surprised to see the number of programs which run in the background. With my PC running but no open programs on the Desktop my RAM usage was being shown as 200MB. I am therefore looking to shut down as many of these background programs as possible,but which ones can be safely shut down ?. Does anyone know how to tell exactly what each of the programs listed in Running Tasks is doing? Much of the info' in the columns to the right of the running tasks appears to be Gobbildy Gook, although it does indicate some the programs names. Also does anyone know of a utilitiy which is suitable for Win98SE which can tell the amount of RAM usage of each running program.

  hugh-265156 14:35 13 Nov 2003

process are mostly windows services and are different from programs running.

to disable some uneeded programs running when windows starts up click start/run and type msconfig and click ok.

click the start up tab and untick everything except your antivirus and firewall and restart the computer.

if you are unsure what the programs are click here for reference

may also be worth running a check for both spybot click here and adaware click here

after installing both,update them and run each, one at a time and remove all they find.

  woodchip 14:48 13 Nov 2003

Close them all except System Tray then any you cannot do without just put a tick back in the box, This should be done from Start\Run type MSCONFIG and press OK then Startup Tab

  Smiler 17:05 13 Nov 2003

Try this for 30 days. Only $9.99 to register. I have an earlier version and it's excelent.

  Smiler 17:06 13 Nov 2003

click here

forgot to insert link

  hugh-265156 17:57 13 Nov 2003

and then you will have one more program running in the background.

  ralph-226856 20:45 13 Nov 2003

Thanks for the link to pacs-portal, what a great site it is, it looks to have everything I am looking for. Cheers. rimrim

  ralph-226856 20:49 13 Nov 2003

I have tried that in the past but some programs seem to be there again when I've rebooted. Cheers. rimrim

  powerless 20:53 13 Nov 2003
  ralph-226856 14:06 15 Nov 2003

Many thanks for the links, the MSCONFIG step by step guide was just what I needed as I am on a steep learning curve at present, Cheers.

  ralph-226856 14:15 15 Nov 2003

Thanks for the link to Ram Cleaner, I'll see how I go on trying to tidy my running programs manually first using the links that huggy 71 and powerless gave me. Can you actually see how much Ram is being used with Ram Cleaner ?. Cheers.

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