Memory usage

  Severn Bore 20:13 08 Feb 2005

Can anyone please recommend a free program that will tell me what programs are using my RAM at anytime on my XP PC? Task Manager is of limited help as I am still trying to find out why my PC is using so much of the RAM. My FreeRam program shows about 650 Mb out of my total 1Gig of RAM in use at any one time despite - according to Task Manager - little going on on the PC. (I posted a query a few weeks ago and despite helpful replies, the problem persists).

  ade.h 20:18 08 Feb 2005

Am I right in thinking that FreeRAM can free up memory addresses that have recently been filled by programs but not released properly afterwards? Some programs can be lazy about memory clearing. Try this approach first; it may just be old data that is taking up room.

  Buchan 35 20:43 08 Feb 2005

I think you`re right, I have FreeRam on another HDD and I think that`s what it did

  Severn Bore 21:31 08 Feb 2005

I have used FreeRam to freeup "stalled" memory and it is also set uo to do this automatically at intervals. However, it has not solved my problem.

  polish 21:31 08 Feb 2005

have you checked for spyware running spybot adaware spyware blaster etc spyware can cause many problems

  EdFrench 21:43 08 Feb 2005

That is a good figure.
Windows XP loves to use ram. If you use these ram recoup progs they just clog up your system and eventually slow it down.
You don't want to release ram if you have 1 gig.
Using this much ram is just an indication of a healthy machine.
If you keep reclaiming ram then you will just have to wait while windows sends for it again the next time you use the app.
Leave it as it is.

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