memory upgrade question..

  rollin64 21:12 10 Jul 2006

hi all.......

i have an hp pavillion 515x. its 3-4 yrs old.

the specs say it can handle 1024 mb ram. it came with 256 installed. ive never messed with ram before so i'm tryin to get info so i won't be having to experiment.

im wanting to add 512 with the 256 to make me 768. will this work okay?

another question is......

i went to Best Buy an asked them for a 512 that would work in my comp. they give me "something". when i got home i figured i better check the kingston site to be sure they did me right. kingston's site give different product numbers than they gave me. do you think what they give me mighta worked? i'm assuming they would only keep memory for newer comps hangin in the showroom. is this safe to assume?


  skidzy 21:14 10 Jul 2006

Crucial will find out whats compatible for you click here

  SG Atlantis® 21:17 10 Jul 2006

gee, so what did they give you?

PC2100 184 pin DDR SDRAM is what you need from click here

put the new 512 memory in the first slot and move the current 256 memory to the second slot.

  rollin64 21:31 10 Jul 2006

would it be safer to take the old one out first to read the numbers? the crucial site is showing 2 different 512's. im not sure about the CL-3 an CL 2.5, DDR 400 or DDR 333, 2.5v or 2.6v.

  rollin64 21:57 10 Jul 2006

another reason i'm confused is that what they give me had different product numbers than the kingston site.

the memory from Best Buy was kingston brand. would they have give me something compatible or should i go exclusively by the part the kingston site calls for?

i know these questions are noob but i'm ignorant to ram an whats involved. :D

  SG Atlantis® 21:59 10 Jul 2006

what ram did they give you? have you installed it? put the 512 in the first slot and move the current ram to the second slot.

  rollin64 22:35 10 Jul 2006

lol, i took it back already. it wasn't the same product number so i figured they give me the wrong thing. maybe im putting too much thought into this.

what im saying is that the model number of the one they give me started with KVR. the model number that the kingston site recommends starts with KTC.

so as long as it says "PC2100 184 pin DDR SDRAM"

it will work in my comp??????

  rollin64 22:43 10 Jul 2006

scratch that..the ones on crucial are pc2700 an pc3200. im just tryin to find out what will work.

  skidzy 22:45 10 Jul 2006

Not always Rollin,i had a very similar problem a few months ago with non compatible ram.
2700 will work fine

  Totally-braindead 22:46 10 Jul 2006

Its not as simple as that.

Some computers will just need as you say in your case PC2100 184 pin DDR SDRAM but some are a bit touchy and require a certain type CL2 or CL2.5 or whatever. That is why it was suggested in the first posting that you go to Crucial. They GUARANTEE the memory will work. If it doesn't they will refund you. Go to Crucial and get what it says you can take, it should also confirm how much memory your computer can take as well.

  Totally-braindead 22:49 10 Jul 2006

Took me a while to type. You can use faster RAM no problem but it must be the type your motherboard will support, the computer will just run the memory at the slower PC2100 speed, no problem. If you look further on the Crucial site you will find why they recommend the faster memory even though your PC will not be able to use it at that speed.
In short just get what the Crucial site recommends.

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