Memory upgrade problem

  tento 10:07 28 Sep 2005

Running 5 years old machine with WinME and 256Mb of memory. W was trying to add another 256 of SDRAM. The total of 512Mb is being detected in POST but Windows does not load. Both memory boards are PC133, unbuffered, both work OK on their own in any slot. My original memory is marked CL3, the new one I'm trying to add is marked CL2. Could this be a problem and how can I make it work together?

  tento 10:26 28 Sep 2005

If this can help: my mobo is Asus A7V133, Award BIOS.

  Terry Brown 10:27 28 Sep 2005

The chances are the memory's are running at different speeds, about 5 years ago the memory speed was about 70ns (nano seconds), the new one are a lot faster.

Compare it with 2 cars, one on a motorway, the other on a country road.

  tento 10:31 28 Sep 2005

Thanks Terry. Do you know how can i adjust and which entries in the bios to make both memory boards work together?

  tento 11:02 28 Sep 2005


  tento 11:25 28 Sep 2005

Anyone, please?

  gudgulf 12:06 28 Sep 2005

You may be just unlucky that the two different memory sticks are incompatible with each other.You could try using different combinations of the three available memory slots to be sure it is not just a fault with one of the memory slots.According to the motherboard manual click here you can mix and match the slots without problem.

There is one thing that is mentioned in the manual that may apply.........the motherboard can use Intel standard pc100/133 SDRAM and also NEC VC SDRAM.The two types wont mix.Is it possible that the original stick is a VC SDRAM module?

If so using the two sticks together will cause the pc not to boot.

  tento 12:17 28 Sep 2005

Thanks gugdulf. As far as I can tell they are both Intel type. And I tried all my three memory slots in different combinations - no luck. I'm being tempted to try tinkering with memory settings in CIOS, just no idea where to start not to cause any damage.

  gudgulf 12:46 28 Sep 2005

If you download the motherboard manual from the link I gave you it will tell you all you need to know about setting up the memory in the BIOS.

Normally the BIOS should detect the memory automatically and set both to run at the speed of the slowest.

I will have a quick look through it myself and see if there are any clues,but it might turn out you need to buy a stick of memory that matches your new one.

  tento 13:01 28 Sep 2005

I've got the manual, but could not find any clues.
Both memory sticks are 133 MHz and SDRAM ram configuration in BIOS is set to run "By Speed".

  gudgulf 13:12 28 Sep 2005

To enter the BIOS press delete as the pc boots.

The settings to check are in the Advanced BIOS tab.
In the main menu look at DRAM frequency...for your memory it should be set at 133MHZ.If it is you could try changing it to 100MHZ,see if that works with both sticks.

The other settings you need are under the CHIP Configation heading in the advanced menu.

There should be a setting that reads SDRAM configuration........(by SPD). That is the auto detect setting.You can set this to manual ,but you need to know the memory timings for both the memory sticks you have and then enter the settings of the slowest stick ie CAS latency =3 plus the other timings of the slowest stick.

If you don't know these timings, this utility will tell you what the spd values are click here Run it and select the memory tab with each of your memory sticks in turn.

It is generally better to leave things at auto(by SPD)....but you never know you just might find a combination of settings that works for both sticks.

Good luck.

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