Memory Upgrade not recognised

  vamos 12:44 04 Mar 2003

I've added two 128mb memory cards to my 440mhz Pentium II Advent 8595 but the system is only recognising 64mb for each card, the original memory of 64mb (2x32mb) is recognised correctly.
This gives me a total of 192mb when I should have 320mb, the motherboard manual says that the system is unpgradebale to a total of 512mb .... any ideas?

you might need single sided sticks

  vamos 13:22 04 Mar 2003

All the sticks are single sided.

  Djohn 13:29 04 Mar 2003

You may have the wrong type of memory as english113 suggest. If you have bought ddram, then that will be made up from 2x64 to give you 128, hence your board only recognising 64 meg. on each stick.

  Davelion 13:34 04 Mar 2003

you say memory is upgradeable to 512mb.
sounds like you need 4 X 128mb sticks, Older mb,s
could only recognise 128mb per slot

  Rtus 15:32 04 Mar 2003

if you use the click here site to find the correct upgrade ram for your unit it will also indicate how much ram each slot can take by the amount shown in the lists..find maker then model number ....remember the address for next time you buy ram its guaranteed to work thertefore cheaper in long run..

  vamos 15:49 04 Mar 2003

This info is straight off the site you gave me for an Advent.
The memory I have installed is identical in type to the 64mb that is being recognised correctly (2x32mb). If the system only recognises up to 128mb per slot surely it should recognise the two sticks of 128mb as just that not 64mb each ?

Maximum memory: 512MB
Standard memory: 64MB removable
Slots: 4 (4 banks of 1)

  Djohn 16:02 04 Mar 2003

vamos, I have just been to the Crucial site, to double check for you, and can't find your model no. listed! Are you sure of the model No? J.

  topdraw 18:42 04 Mar 2003

Take all memory out and put the 128mb into "bank 0" then 128mb into "bank 1" and the 64mb into "bank 2" this might remedy the problem.

  Djohn 19:00 04 Mar 2003

The nearest model to the one you have specified is, Advent 8575! If this is the correct one, then you need to buy sticks of 128 at PC100, or 133 *sdram*. Make sure you have not purchased *ddram*, as this will not be recognised correctly.

  Rtus 19:02 04 Mar 2003

a search of advent info site shows click here no mention of a 8595 it may be safer to look at motherboard id or bios string (gigabyte maybe)

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