Memory Upgrade installation query

  Skippy88 19:15 04 Apr 2005

Hello folks,

I have a Dell Dimension 8300 which was supplied with 2 x 256mb of memory. The two cards are installed in slots 1 and 3 of the four available slots. I am in the process of buying 2 x 512mb memory cards to upgrade the system. According to Crucial where I'm buying the memory they are exactly the same type as the ones already installed. i.e. they are DDR400 184pin PC3200

Question is should I just install these into empty slots 2 and 4?? Or because these are 512mb chips and therefore bigger than the ones already installed should I put the new memory into slots 1 and 3 and move the smaller ones into slots 2 and 4??

Or does it not make any difference??

Any help greatly appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:20 04 Apr 2005

Size makes no difference as to where you put them.

If slower speed all memory would drop to the slowest speed.

In your case same speed bigger size so no problem.

  great1 19:38 04 Apr 2005

On my system i have 3 ram slots, but when using ps3200 ram i can only use 2 at any one time, can you find out what motherboard you have? then maybe you might find out why slots 1 & 3 are being used.


  Skippy88 19:45 04 Apr 2005

Thanks for the response Fruit Bat. I suspected that would be the case but wasn't sure so thought I'd ask.

Great1 definetly have four slots (two of which lean over for some reason but apparently its normal). I checked the system using Belarc Advisor which just shows board as 0G0728 800megahertz

  Skippy88 19:53 04 Apr 2005

also Great1 if it makes a difference Belarc shows Slot 1 as Channel A DIMM 0, Slot 2 as Channel A DIMM 1, Slot 3 as Channel B DIMM 0, and Slot 4 as Channel B DIMM 1

Fruit Bat seems to be confirming what I thought already.

Thanks again both of you

  Rayuk 20:05 04 Apr 2005

Does this not run in Dual channel mode?if so best to check manual,looking at your response I would think the 512Mb in slots 1 & 3 and the 256 in slots 2 & 4,then check on boot up that it is running in Dual channel mode.

  Skippy88 20:33 04 Apr 2005

original invoice for PC shows 2 x 256mb Dual Channel DDR400

  DieSse 23:20 04 Apr 2005

It's normally considered "best pratice" to put the larger modules in 1&3 and the smaller in 2&4.

ie - the larger modules in the first part of RAM - the smaller in the higher part.

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