Memory upgrade help needed

  Eargasm 23:06 12 Sep 2004

Hi all
I have a packard bell iextreme 9507 with 256mb of sdram,aida 32 and belarc advisor both report that i have 2 slots (2 rows 4 banks)maximum memory 1024mb, slot 0 has 256mb,slot 1 is empty.

However when i go to the website and input the make and model number it says i have (3 slots of 1 bank) maximum 1536mb.

Can anyone advise me on where to buy extra memory,i an looking to add another 512mb in the empty slot but am not sure what the 4 banks mean,do i just buy a 512mb stick and slot it in?
(memory speed is 133mhz) Cheers Phil

  Diodorus Siculus 08:03 13 Sep 2004

Open the machine and take a look - your eyes are more likely to be correct... that way you will know how many spare slots you have.

If just one empty, get 512mb and put it into the first slot and put the smaller module into the second.

  Eargasm 21:56 13 Sep 2004

Thanks mate i have looked inside and have 2 slots 1 bank,i will get a 512mb module.

Does anyone know where to get it cheaper than this £72.85 click here

Thanks Phil

  Eargasm 22:47 13 Sep 2004

Thanks,i just wasen't sure that it was the right memory with them having the number of slots wrong,but as you say it is cheaper.

I'll tick resolved and probably go with crucial,by the way is it important to put the biggest module in the first slot,or does it matter? Thanks phil

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