Memory upgrade compatability

  Bluebird 17:15 06 Jun 2003

I have a Time computer with 256 mb of ram. Having decided to upgrade the memory I bought a 512mb stick from Crucial (they are brilliant).
Upon opening the case - something I had never done before I found I have three slots, two of them taken up by 2 x 128mb sticks. As per the instructions I put the 512 mb in slot No1 and the 128 mb's in No's 2 & 3. Someone once told me that you can only go up in a certain format of memory, so do these two odd sticks make any difference or should I get rid of them and buy a 256 stick. I should say that my system now recognises 768 mb of ram.

  MartinT-B 17:20 06 Jun 2003

Your pc is seeing and therefore using all the RAM.

No need to replace anything.

Later on, you could buy more, but get another 512 or 2 sticks of 256 if you want.

  Gongoozler 17:22 06 Jun 2003

Bluebird, if your system recognises the memory, and your computer runs smoothly with it, then I don't see any problem. Some motherboards will only recognise memory in certain configurations, and Windows 98 can have problems managing large amounts of memory. But yours appears to be o.k. If you go to the Crucial website, you should be able to find what the restrictions are for your particular Time model.

  Bluebird 11:36 07 Jun 2003

Thanks for your replies I think I am a little bit wiser now.

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