Memory upgrade causing reboot after login

  Dai A Bolical 19:24 22 Jun 2006

Here is my current (working) system:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+
ASUSTeK K8V-MX Motherboard
RADEON 9550 Video RAM: 256 MB
Creative Audigy Audio Processor WDM
Maxtor 250GB SATA HDD
2 x 256MB PC3200 400MHz DDR

I needed a bit more memory so purchased 2 PNY 1GB PC3200 400MHz DDRs as they were quite cheap! With both istalled the PC boots to the login screen and will get part way through the login process before rebooting.
With just one chip inserted it works fine - and it can be either chip so it's not a problem with the memory itself. It also works fine with one of the old 256MB chips alongside one of the new ones. But as soon as I install the full 2GB the PC will reboot again.

Any suggestions?

  QuizMan 09:23 23 Jun 2006

I had an almost identical experience last weekend. I upped my RAM from 1Gb (512Mb x 2)to 2Gb (512Mb x 4) about a month ago using identical Corsair matched pair memory. All seemed well until I switched on PC last Sunday and got as far as a message saying that my PC failed to shut down correctly last time (not true) and gave a selection of possible boot options such as Normal Windows, Safe Mode, last known good config etc. Whichever one I selected always lead me back to the same error message. Eventually I removed the new memory modules and all went back to normal. I propose to test the memory this weekend (will look at previous threads to see what is recommended when time permits) to narrow down where the problem lies.

I realise that this is not really helping your own problem, but at least you know that I feel your pain! Sorry.

  Dai A Bolical 09:50 23 Jun 2006

Totally-braindead - Thanks, I checked the Asus site myself and downloaded a PDF Manual which lists some memory brands and whether they are compatable in single or dual chip setup. Only one type of Branded memory was compatable with two 1GB memory modules. Not promising.

madboy33©® - I'll look into upgrading the BIOS. I had a quick go this morning using the EZFlash method, but my BIOS.rom didn't match the downloaded 0211 version. I need to check the serial for the MB and current BIOS. Hopefully that might update the limitation mentioned above.

QuizMan - Thanks. Good luck with resolving your issue.

  Dai A Bolical 12:52 23 Jun 2006

I've just checked the PNY memory Configurator, and that says I should be OK.

However, checking the FAQs for Asus I found a thread which implies that the maximum memory capacity of 2GB for the Motherboard might also include the 256MB taken up by the Graphics Card AND any memory usage by the four full PCI slots. This was regarding a query where 4MB of memory was installed on a different Motherboard and only 3.1 was shown, though the computer ran fine otherwise. So I guess that might be a different issue?

  Dai A Bolical 20:08 23 Jun 2006

OK. On further investigation MESH have mislead me on the mobo. It is in fact an Asus K8V-MX/S, and I had to search their forums for someone else who had managed to get an updated BIOS from them. I've just flashed the BIOS from 1.006 to 1.008 (I guess they don't sell that many of these!), checked it booted (which it did), installed all 2GB of Ram and it's still running after 11 minutes.

Thanks for the advice on the BIOS Madboy - I did use the EZFlash and it seemed to work with the right update.

Hope you get sorted soon Quizman


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