Memory upgrade advise please..

  SteveD73 14:27 23 Jan 2005

I am looking at upgrading the memory in my machine. My motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-7VA and has 3 memory slots.It supports upto 3GB
Currently I have 1 card of 512mb installed,leaving 2 free slots. This is the following card.

KVR266X64C25/512 512MB (KINGSTON)

I would like to at least double my memory up to 1GB. I take it I just need an identical card to the one mentioned above. Believe I can get this from

If I want to install a 1GB card in the second slot is this a problem or does it have to match the 1st card in terms of memory,.ie does it have to be another 512 or can I mix and match memory card sizes?

I take it that by increasing my memory my computer will process info faster and thus mean faster internet . I have Bband and understand that my connection to the www is dependent on the speed of this ,but am hoping that a memory upgrade will quicken things up locally.Basically is what I prupose to do worthwhile??
Ta in advance.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 14:32 23 Jan 2005
  stalion 14:32 23 Jan 2005

If you go to the crucial site and type in your computer details they can tell you what you need
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 14:36 23 Jan 2005

[quote] If I want to install a 1GB card in the second slot is this a problem[/quote] no problem; but better to put it in the first slot and the 512 into the second.

[quote]hoping that a memory upgrade will quicken things up locally[/quote] - well, it may increase the speed of your browser - more memory allows more programs to run in the background.

You will likely need the latest BIOS for the memory - worth checking out first.

What processor do you have? That will determine more about the speed things work at.

  citadel 14:46 23 Jan 2005

If you have a motherboard that supports dual channel memory the new stick of 512 will probably go in the third slot, on some boards it is a different colour. If it is not dual channel capable put it in slot 2. Your current stick will be in slot 1, the one nearest the processor. Memory will make the computor work faster but I doubt it will speed up your internet connection speed.

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:57 23 Jan 2005

As you already have 512MB of ram you are unlikely to see much improvement unless you run very memory hungry applications, like some of the most recent games or video editing. It will make no difference to your internet speed.

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