Memory Upgrade

  Brynn-283818 15:22 16 May 2003

I want to give my pc a boost,low budget naturally! Can anyone tell me whether I would be better off increasing my pc2100 ram from 512mb to 1gb,or selling that on and installing 512mb of pc3200(£60 or so)? I have an Asus A7V8X mobo with an Athlon 2200 chip,running XP.

1GB of memory is a very large amount, unless your computer is used as an application server you will almost certainly see more benfit speedwise using 512MB of pc3200. but theen theres the middle ground (1GB pc2700) to consider.

  professor 20:14 16 May 2003

i hate to tell u this Doss but pc3200 isnt £60 or so...for half decent modules of pc3200 its about £130+ unless ur talking about the stuff from crucial thats about £80 for pc3200 although its probably not very good pc3200 u would be better off getting 512MB pc2700 from crucial as that stuff is very good. but the places to visit for great modules are: for pc 2700 crucial,for pc 3200 or pc 3500+ either corsair or OCZ at click here


  Brynn-283818 21:05 16 May 2003

I got the £60 odd price from The site,is this no good?

  Brynn-283818 21:16 16 May 2003

Had a look at Crucials site.512mb of 2700 was £51.69.Pc3200 was £63.44.How do I tell "good" memory from "bad"?

  rubella 23:46 16 May 2003

if you want 3200 Corsair 512MB DDR XMS3200 Platinum CAS2 is about as good as it gets:

click here

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