memory upgrade

  vsmith 10:10 22 Jun 2009

good morning guys, please help I recently took my PC to have a memory upgraded to 3 gib from 1 gig.
they took out my Kingston KVR 1 gig and replaced it with the following, and I dont think its correct. could anyone advise me please?

PNY 53ooDDR2 1024DIM and INTEGAL 6400DDR2 1024DIM

I dont know enough about memory to go back and complain, so any help would be appreciated/

kind regards


  PO79 10:45 22 Jun 2009

From your post it would seem that you have 2gb of different speeds, which will clock down to the slowest speed. It may be your mobo does not support 3gb, have you checked?

  vsmith 11:01 22 Jun 2009

I will check tonight I couldnt understand why they took out a perfectly good IGB and replaced it with the other two, without telling me.

  OTT_Buzzard 11:18 22 Jun 2009

Doesn't look right, especially if they installed two new modules.
RAM is normally installed in Matched Pairs so the make and model of RAM should be the same. It's not necessary to do this, just extremely unusual not to as you get better performance and costs the same.

Can you go to (click here) and click 'Download the memory scanner' and see what results it gives?

I would also be helpful to know what motherboard you have. Ifclick here and install the software to get the info (free trial version, but very good!)

  mooly 11:25 22 Jun 2009

Don't know what operating system but check in "System" in control panel or check the BIOS at boot up and see how much memory is reported as being seen by the operating system.

  vsmith 13:29 23 Jun 2009

Ok thanks guys I took my PC back to PC world, the gentleman there told me it didnt make any diference having two different speeds. but I wasnt happy with what they had done so I asked for them to remove the memory and put my 1 gib back. thank you all for your help and advice.


  mooly 14:40 23 Jun 2009

I see you have ticked this as resolved, but wondered if this was a laptop ? Are you using Vista ?
If Vista then you would notice a massive improvement in going from 1 to 2gb of RAM.

  vsmith 12:32 30 Jun 2009

Hi mooly no not a laptop and I am running vista. I have indeed noticed a difference though, my game runs much faster. Husband put in extrat 1 gig for me. Just have another problem though. will post on a seperate thread.

Thanks everyone who helped :)

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