Memory Upgrade

  Terry Brown 10:56 18 Aug 2005

I am using 256x2 dimm 133 (168 pin) memory on my system, however I also have 2 slots suitable for ddr 2100 (184 pin). I know I would have to remove the dimm memory, however would it make any appreciable increase to speed or performance or would I be better off upgradibg to a new motherboard ?.Motherboard KS75A, Processor 1800 XP. Thanks Terry

  Sethhaniel 11:04 18 Aug 2005

so its up from 250 to 700mb ram
and can see no difference at all
so everyone says I should put a bigger processor chip in - in an ever upward spiral ;)

  wobblymike 11:42 18 Aug 2005

In my experience switching from SDRAM to DDR RAM does make a notable difference, its a balance of what you use your PC for against what improvement you will get. If you use it for net surfing, office work etc, it would probably be wasted money, if you use it for video capture or making movies etc I would have thought it would be worthwhile. Get yourself a 256 MB stick from e bay and try it you can always resell it.

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