memory upgrade

  sinbad1 16:04 03 Jun 2005

I want to upgrade my PB Imedia 5126 computer with an additional 512MB.

Looking at their site and giving the seriel Number it comes up with a choice of three speeds
3200,2700 and 2100.

Is there any way of finding out the speed of my present memory without physically taking it out?


  TomJerry 16:12 03 Jun 2005
  Totally-braindead 16:15 03 Jun 2005

You can download Belarc click here it will tell you speed of CPU as well as motherboard info then go to Crucial click here and get what they say your computer can take.

  sinbad1 16:33 03 Jun 2005


downloaded cpu-z can't find info on memory speed just says 512mb?


I have belarc only gives cpu speed 2.8ghz only other info is ddr 512mb for ram.

am i looking in the wrong place?

  VoG II 16:38 03 Jun 2005

Everest click here

In left hand pane click + next to Motherboard, click SPD.

  sinbad1 16:47 03 Jun 2005


I also have everest installed nothing shows up clicking SPD ?

  sinbad1 16:49 03 Jun 2005

Crucial shows speed at 2100 ;but feel it should be 2700, need to be sure so i can order the same speed as installed.

  TomJerry 19:09 03 Jun 2005

it tells you all details including maker

  sinbad1 20:47 03 Jun 2005


no details in SPD just 512mb ddr-sdram

  dan11 21:00 03 Jun 2005

" Is there any way of finding out the speed of my present memory without physically taking it out? "

If everest > motherboard > overclock > spd is not showing the module like this click here

Then if you know the motherboard make and model and the exact cpu, you can find the memory speed from the bios. It will either be listed by speed ( 133Mhz, 166 or 200 )or by spd. This is why you will need the motherboard manual and the exact cpu.

  sinbad1 23:05 03 Jun 2005


still confusedclick here
see what you make of this

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