memory upgrade

  Davie_k 19:17 12 Jan 2005

my hp pavilion has got 256mb in it and i want to upgrade it to 1gb.problem is according to hp it has a 256mb ddr sdram pc2700 333mhz in it!but some shops are telling me to use 2x512mb pc2100 266mhz and not the pc2700!!so can anyone tell me what is the right one.

  Rayuk 19:29 12 Jan 2005

Go to Crucial see what they reccommend

  Rayuk 19:29 12 Jan 2005

Perhaps link would be better
click here

  Completealias 20:31 12 Jan 2005

Have you got your mobo manual if so this will tell you which RAM your board supports as it is feasible that your board supports both types you list. If not you could google the make and model number of your board to find it they are marked on the board somewhere.

Whichever RAM you end up using make sure you use the same type in all your slots as memory conflict probs can be a bugger

  Davie_k 21:53 12 Jan 2005

checked out crucial it says pc2100

  Davie_k 22:09 12 Jan 2005

found the model of mobo on the hp site but they are two versions of it? a north bridge chipset 333 mhz and a south bridge chipset 266 mhz what ever that means!! how do i find out what version is in my computer.

  Tony18 22:09 12 Jan 2005

my pc is making a high sounding beep when playing games is it overheating or is it something else only happens when playing games though

  Diodorus Siculus 22:16 12 Jan 2005

Tony18 - try a new posting.

  Rayuk 17:27 13 Jan 2005

Well if Crucial say PC2100[which is 266 rated ram]you have the 266 board as PC2700 is [333]

  Davie_k 15:04 02 Feb 2005

it was pc2700 thanks for the help

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