Memory Upgrade?

  Elrond 16:30 30 Jan 2004

I am thinking of upgrading my laptop memory and am a little uncertain about a thing or two. Looking at 512MB PC2700 SODIMM's on crucial you can get an unbuffered non-parity for £50.51 or an unbuffered ECC(which i assume means parity) for £55.21. What does paying £5 more and having ECC mean as regards to performance? Also for £30 more than that you can get registered instead of unbuffered, again what does this mean as regards to performance? Thanks for your time

  jim1947 16:37 30 Jan 2004

If I remember rightly ECC stands for Error Checking ? which means the memory module contains an extra chip that monitors the module for errors. Unless your current module is ECC you won't need ECC, just the plain version.

  Elrond 16:40 30 Jan 2004

cheers jim1947 i had a feeling it was to do with error checking.

  Gongoozler 16:40 30 Jan 2004

ECC means the memory has Error Correction circuitry.

Parity is a form of data checking.

Buffered means there is a circuit between the memory and the motherboard to reduce the load on the motherboard

Registered means tha data into the memory is clocked to ensure that all the bits arrive at the same time.

You must use the type of memory that your motherboard is designed for, and equally important all the memory should be of the same type. If in doubt, give Crucial a ring on 0800 013 0330. They are very helpful.

  Elrond 16:44 30 Jan 2004

Cheers for the info. Thats cleared things up for me.

  Elrond 17:17 30 Jan 2004

To anybody you has read the first message of this post and thought the price for them SODIMM's cant be right, then you're right. I was looking at normal DIMM's when i quoted those prices.

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