Memory Upgrade

  [DELETED] 17:27 29 Dec 2003

Ok, just bought 256MB RAM to upgrade my system.
Have followed advice found on the net to install the new memory, but once it's in and I try to restart, it just kind of hangs, I don't even get a start up screen!

Have tried installing in both the free slots, as well as replacing the existing memory, but neither seems to make any diffenernce!

Any advice?

  hugh-265156 17:34 29 Dec 2003

what type of ram ie ddr/sdram etc did you buy.what type was already installed?does it work when you put the old ram back again?

click here click "find your system here" to see if you got the correct type.

  [DELETED] 17:49 29 Dec 2003

I have bought a 256mb pc133 sdram, should be the correct one going by the link. i have tried replacing the existing one whick is also a pc133 but still nothing. have the original one in just now, it's only the new one that is the problem.


  hugh-265156 17:53 29 Dec 2003

may be faulty stick.

  [DELETED] 17:55 29 Dec 2003

going to take it back 2moro.
thanks for the help.

ps any adive for fitting a graphics card?

  Rayuk 19:23 29 Dec 2003

Take both sticks with you and just get a match for the one you have to make 256Mb ,should be enough for you.

Before you instal new graphics card uninstal drivers you have on now.

Then instal new card and instal latest drivers for it.

  [DELETED] 20:41 29 Dec 2003

click here

should help with your upgrades

  [DELETED] 21:14 29 Dec 2003

I bought 128Mb of RAM from a local shop but couldn't get it to work, it just jumbled up the graphics on the monitor during and after boot-up. I noticed it had a 'Made in China' sticker on it, so I got my money back and ordered some from Crucial (see huggy71's link) it worked perfectly. HTH TR

  [DELETED] 14:48 30 Dec 2003

They took back the memory, I've got my refund and will now order some from Crucial!
Thanks everyone!

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