Memory Test ??

  Kat440 20:51 02 Mar 2007

I would like to do a test on the memory that i have which is 512mb in 2x256 sticks but do not have a clue as to how to go about it have seen previous threads mentioning about memtest but looked at them and might as well be in double dutch to me !! have had a previous threadclick here and have the computer going ok as my brother downloaded all the up todate drivers but have still had the odd crashes(5 since sunday evening 25th february) but nothing like what i previously had.

Anyway could someone please help me as to explain how to do the test and have the patience and guide me the process if i get stuck which i know doubt will do.!!

Thx in advance.

  moorie- 20:53 02 Mar 2007

ry this
click here

  moorie- 20:56 02 Mar 2007

sorry kat440 had one eye on the footy didnt read it properly

  SANTOS7 20:57 02 Mar 2007

click here

in the link you will find MEMTEST that will test your memory for you,also in the link you will find a
link to FAQs and a MANUAL on how to use the prog,good luck...

  Kat440 20:57 02 Mar 2007


Thx but which do i click on ??

Also i do not have a floopy drive on my computer which i noticed previous ones might of neede

  Kat440 21:19 02 Mar 2007

Thx will try that and will let you know how i get on.
No problems,cheers any how.


  Technotiger 21:31 02 Mar 2007

Hi, you say "the only thing that is different is monitor and accessories and power supply" - does this mean that you are talking about a Laptop as opposed to a Desktop PC? If it is a Laptop then I would strongly suspect that the Power supply is on the way out, and would advise trying it with a different Power Supply - from what you said I assume that your brother used a different Power Supply, and with him it did not crash.

  Kat440 21:48 02 Mar 2007

LoL technotiger, replied on my other thread to you! can't get hold of this thread thing as makes my head spin!! i do apologise as i received the same comment on both threads! but closed the other one due to having both open which i thought would cause major confusion!

  Technotiger 21:53 02 Mar 2007

Hi, in your other thread you said that your brother used a different Power Supply - surely you meant a different Power (Mains) Lead. If I am correct, then can you try it yourself with a different Power Lead?

(To have used a different Power Supply would have meant quite a lot of stripping out from your desktop and putting another Power Supply in.)

  Technotiger 21:55 02 Mar 2007

Me again - yes, I realised you had two threads going, after I had posted my response, so I copied it to this thread. You were right to green-tick the other one.

  Kat440 10:55 03 Mar 2007

Oops :-)
Did mean power lead!! sorry for the confusion Technotiger.

Do not think it would be the power lead as have had another computer connected using the power lead and had no problems(it is an old computer though, more resilient than this 1)

Will run the mem test later on today and see what that comes up with.

Thx for the replies and help so far.


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