Memory stick and webcam stopped working in usb

  39bello 09:51 22 Feb 2012

Hello. I've been using an 8 gig memory stick and webcam in the front 2 usbs on my pc with xp on it. The webcam has worked for about 4 years with no problems and the memory stick usb has worked for 3 months perfectly fine. Then the webcam stopped working. I was getting a message saying no webcam present. It wouldn't work on msn or if I opened the make video software it didn't see a webcam there either. Its like its simply not plugged in but it is. I then tried to access my memory stick and got the message usb device not recognized. So I plugged a game pad in and that worked fine. I plugged the memory stick in the back usbs and it still didnt' work. I read a forum and used software to delete the usb drivers but that didn't get it working either. I looked in hardware manager. The webcam is shown as working correctly but there is no sign of any usb there. The webcam doesn't work though so don't know why device manager says its working. Can anyone suggest any other way to fix this problem.

  northumbria61 11:13 22 Feb 2012

I read a forum and used software to delete the USB drivers but that didn't get it working either.

Did you do it correctly? You must Shutdown the computer after uninstalling the USB drivers NOT restart.

Try again following the instructions here enter link description here

  39bello 11:23 22 Feb 2012

I used a link to software off here that deletes usb drivers. I restarted computer. There is no sign of usb drives in hardware management. I try turning computer off and see if that makes a difference. I was thinking of using my windows xp installation disc to find any faults and fix them if turning pc off doesn't work. How do the drivers come back if you delete them?

  northumbria61 11:43 22 Feb 2012

How do the drivers come back if you delete them?

Windows will automatically search for them and reinstall.

  northumbria61 11:45 22 Feb 2012

You could try running chkdsk with your XP install disk - follow these instructionsenter link description here

  finerty 11:52 22 Feb 2012

try reloading the driver cd and c if there is software for the usb ports for your machine

  finerty 11:53 22 Feb 2012

R the back usb ports working, look at the motherboard for any loose connection. Failing that back your files onto an external drive and reload xp.

  finerty 11:54 22 Feb 2012

It would help if you can give us make of machine and model. and if its intel or a celeron chip

  Woolwell 11:58 22 Feb 2012

Which software did you use?

Probably the easiest way out of this problem now is a system restore to either before you uninstalled the USB or before the webcam stopped working.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:01 22 Feb 2012

Remove all USB devices

Download and run USB device View

Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.

Reboot the machine.

Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

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