Memory stick problem

  Bike-it 20:28 08 Jun 2010

I am using a memory stick which was working okay up until about an hour ago, whenever I plug it into my laptop or any other computer it is not being recognised and I keep getting prompted to reformat it, I cant reformat the stick as i have to many important things on it that I cannot afford to loose anything. how can i get the things off the stick?

  northumbria61 20:40 08 Jun 2010

First of all, try going into Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Disk Management and see if it shows up in there.

If you can't even see it in there, I'm afraid you may have to purchase a new USB drive as it is possible it is corrupted.

It's quite rare, but it can happen if you don't eject USB devices properly when removing them. (from the safely remove hardware icon in the taskbar)

  northumbria61 20:43 08 Jun 2010

Also - Look into your flash drive's male end. check for dust or foreign objects. They can short out your drive. Try rebooting your laptop with the memory stick plugged in.

  Bike-it 21:12 08 Jun 2010

Northumbria61 the memory stick is visible in disk management, but whenever i try to open it i am still being prompted to reformat the stick, i also checked for foreign objects and dust none were present. any more help please.

  northumbria61 22:53 08 Jun 2010

There should be an option to "check for disk errors" other than format.

  Bike-it 22:55 08 Jun 2010

If there is an option what do i do just run it?

  northumbria61 23:05 08 Jun 2010

Take a look here and give it a try -

click here

  northumbria61 23:05 08 Jun 2010

Yes - run the "check for disc errors"

  northumbria61 23:06 08 Jun 2010

Also try it in another USB port

  ams4127 23:06 08 Jun 2010

I've just had the same problem with an OCZ 32GB flash drive. One day it just stopped and wouldn't do anything.

I went online to OCZ in Holland, got an RTA number and sent it off about ten days ago. Got a free replacement in this morning's post.

If yours isn't too old, you might try the same thing. Regrettably though, all your data is gone.

  northumbria61 23:14 08 Jun 2010

Bike-it - you could try a data recovery program to get you important files off - try this for FREE

click here

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